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Daniel Alvarado

As an undergraduate, I am majoring in Economics with a concentration in Business Administration and a minor in French. I will begin my research at the Kingston University in England and will focus my study on the economies of developing countries. Upon returning, I will submit my research to my faculty mentor and graduate Spring of 2006. I anticipate continuing my study at a university that offers:
  • A PhD. program in International Economics or Economics & International Affairs
  • Teaching & research assistantships
  • Fellowship & grant opportunities
I may be reached at: dalvarado@runner.csub.edu
Zenna Beath
I am a first-year graduate student in the Master of Arts in Psychology program. I plan to teach upon completion of my PhD in Psychology. My special interest is in the field of gerontology. I am conducting a current research project about students’ perceptions of themselves when experiencing the imposter phenomenon (IP). I am working with my thesis committee on a research idea using Alzheimer’s patients and studying their circadian cycles. I am very interested in attending the University of Southern California; I would like to stay relatively local. My home and family all live in Bakersfield.

I can be reached at: zbeath@runner.csub.edu
Everardo Carvajal
My interests are broad yet interrelated. I cannot help but be drawn to the critical thinking, and analytic skills necessary to articulate a philosophical position. My interests within the subject of philosophy are ancient philosophy, philosophy of race, and epistemology. I hope to do work in all of these areas eventually. Within the philosophy of race I hope to perhaps work on ethnic identity issues, specifically Chicano Identity. This issue may even guide me towards the intersection of Chicano studies and philosophy. I am interested in attending UCSB next Fall for their newly created Ph.D. program in Chicano Studies.

In addition, I may be reached at: edster420@hotmail.com
Jared Chapman
My name is Jared K. Chapman and I am currently a senior at CSUB, with a double major in Psychology and Religious Studies, and a minor in Anthropology. I will be receiving my BA by June of 2007. In addition, I am serving as President of Psi Chi: The National Honor Society in Psychology, and am on the executive committee of the Philosophy & Religious Studies Club. I am currently in the preliminary stages of a McNair Research Project with my faculty mentor, Anne Duran, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department. The focus of the research is on the effects of religiosity on comprehension of scientific information. Recently, I presented preliminary findings from this study at UC Riverside during the Southern California Conference on Undergraduate Research.

My general field of interest is social psychology, specifically how an individual’s feelings, beliefs, and attitudes are influenced by cultural and/or religious factors. Other interests include psychology of religion, the history and development of Judaism, and archaeology.

I am interested in pursuing my doctorate in social psychology, and intend to apply to graduate programs at Harvard, NYU, USC, Clark University, Boston College, Simon Fraser University, and the University of Alberta.

I may be reached at: jchapman2@runner.csub.edu
Philippe Duhart
My name is Philippe Eugčne Duhart and I am currently a senior at CSUB, with a double major in Sociology and Religious Studies. I will be receiving my BA in June of 2005.

I have conducted extensive research examining the Basque community of Bakersfield, under the guidance of Jon R. Stone, formerly of the Religious Studies Department. (He has since accepted a position at Cal State Long Beach.) In conducting this research, I have utilized both quantitative methods and oral history in examining the historical construction of Basque religious and cultural identity over the last century.

Currently, I am in the preliminary stages of a McNair Research Project with my faculty mentor AlemSeghed Kebede, Associate Professor in the Sociology Department. The research involves the application of Bourdieu’s theory of symbolic power to the emergent vernacular of the Rastafari.

My general field of interest is historical sociology, specifically from the world-systems perspective, with an emphasis on nationalism and anti-systemic movements. Broadly speaking, I intend to examine the economic and sociocultural dynamics involved in the construction of national and sub-national identies, as well as how identities & movements of global contestation and resistance organize and express themselves locally.

I am interested in pursuing my doctorate in historical sociology in California and thus intend to apply to graduate programs at UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, UC Riverside, and UCLA.

I may be reached at: philippeduhart@yahoo.com
Katie Fleming
Jereme Gaeta
Vanessa Gamez
Jessica Gossett
Mashalle Green
I am a first-year MPA student at California State University, Bakersfield. I recently received an undergraduate degree in Communications and plan to pursue a Ph.D. in Communications in the fall of 2005. My primary research interest involves the effects of media on the perpetuation of ethnic stereotypes though I am open to exploring other areas as well. Recently, I have been working as an editorial assistant for the Journal of African Communications. My ultimate goal is to become a professor of Communications and commit myself to lifelong learning, research, and publication in this area.

I am interested in attending UCSD, University of Washington, University of Oregon, University of Colorado at Boulder, USC Annenberg School of Communications, University of Denver, Stanford University or the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

I may be reached at: mgreen2@runner.csub.edu
Tony Kelly
A junior and physics major. Currently, he is enrolled into the second portion of the three year physics program. He has research experience consisting of two years of summer research, one class research, and one inter-school year project. He is currently starting his next two projects, one of which consists of the field quantum optics. He is interested in schools which offer physics Ph.D. programs, specifically oriented toward optical or nuclear physics, but not limited to those direct fields.

He can be reached at: tkelly3@runner.csub.edu
Glenn Kuchenbeiser
Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I began my undergrad as a math and physics major at the University of Wisconsin. There I earned a Physics Departmental Award, Foundation Scholarship (at UW-WC), became a student member of the American Physical Society, and worked as a student hourly for both the High Energy Physics and Nuclear Physics Departments at UW-Madison.

After taking time off to pursue a career in the music industry, and moving to Bakersfield, California, I returned to academics at Bakersfield College where I received the Associate in Science in math and physics. In fall of 2003 I transferred to CSUB where I anticipate graduation with the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry this December (‘04). I am currently a member of the American Chemical Society, ACLU, and the Alpha Chi Honor’s Society.

Acceptance into the CSUB McNair Program has allowed me to do some exciting research in the areas of organometallics and bioinorganic chemistry. After graduation I will be entering the Chemistry PhD program at University of California-Riverside where I look forward to doing work on asymmetric catalysis.

I may be contacted at: gkuchenbeiser@yahoo.com
Aryn Langley
Carrie LeVan
Hello, my name is Carrie LeVan and I am an English and Political Science double-major. I will be graduating in the Spring of 2005. After receiving my undergraduate degree, I would like to further my education and receive my PhD in Political Science. Eventually, it is my goal to teach at the university level. I would also like to complete political research that will help transform current campaigning methodologies to increase voter participation. These are just a few of my goals and interests.

I may be reached at: discohead@aol.com
Bryce Loo
Hi, my name is Bryce Loo, and I'm currently a junior history major. I plan on obtaining my B.A. by Winter 2006 with a concentration in social science secondary education and a minor in English literature. I may possibly also obtain a second minor in music. I plan to hopefully enter graduate school in history in the fall of 2006 following my graduation from Cal State Bakersfield. I wish to obtain a Ph.D in order to teach history at the college/university level.

Education has always been a passion of mine, and I particularly love the interaction of ideas among professors and students at the college level. This is why I would like to teach at that level. I'm currently looking to study early American history or possibly American cultural history with a possible specialization in immigration and the immigrant experience in the United States. However, I am open to other possibilities. If entrance into graduate school does not work out immediately after my graduation, then I will enter the credential program at Cal State Bakersfield with then intent on teaching history at the high school level. I would then go on to finish my graduate education at a later time. My plan, however, is to go straight to graduate school. UC Berkeley and USC particularly interest me because its graduate programs in history have excellent reputations.

I can be reached at: bloo@runner.csub.edu
Antonia Mejia
I am a senior, majoring in psychology. My academic goal is to obtain a doctoral degree in social psychology. The University of Texas El Paso, Claremont Graduate University, or UC Santa Cruz are the schools I would like to attend.

I can be reached at: amejia3@runner.csub.edu
Leah Noriega
I am a 2002 graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and minors in Chemistry and Art from California State University, Bakersfield (CSUB). Currently, I am enrolled in the nursing program at CSUB in pursuance of a 2nd Bachelor of Science. My main area of focus of research is in health science, with the biological aspects and nursing interventions in health promotion. Aside from my academics I am also a substitute teacher for grades K-12, and a research assistant for CSUB’s Department Chair of Nursing.

In terms of graduate school, I am interested in attending UCSF, UCLA, UCSD, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Vanderbilt University, University of Illinois at Chicago, University at Buffalo School of Nursing, Louisiana State University-New Orleans, University of Arizona College of Nursing, Columbia University or NYU.

I may be reached at: lehyah@yahoo.com
Diego Ocampo
Pursuing a truly interdisciplinary approach involving Mass Communications and Technology, Social Psychology, Art, Design, Photography, Theatre, Cinema, Ethics, and Business, I want to explore, connect, relate, and expound past and present power struggles and visual perceptions that can help explain how we ultimately view one another and behave inter- and interpersonally. The myriad of '-isms' such as lookism, ageism, racism, sexism, and elitism fully provoke my conscience. Ultimately, I see my explorations centering on self-determinism as an affecter and a byproduct of how we define ourselves as individuals, groups, and societies.

I am interested in attending Cal Arts, Harvard, MIT, UC Berkeley, Yale, UCLA, USC, UCSD, UCI, UCD, UCSB or UCSC.

In addition, I may be reached at: docampo2@runner.csub.edu.
Richard Perry
I am a Biology major focusing in animal biology and expecting to graduate with a B.S. in June 2007. My research experience includes: (1) identification of fish from remains (mostly otoliths) from archeological sites for Dr. Gobalet, (2) gene expression in Arabidopsis thaliana for Dr. Szick-Miranda (I also manage the lab for this professor), and (3) an independent project in which I am surveying the modifications of the anterior pleural rib(s) in the Ostariophysi Superorder of fishes. At the 2006 annual American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists (ASIH) meeting, I hope to present my findings. I have also worked as a field biologist for a local environmental company where I identified endangered species, determined impacts that would arise from development of an area, and reported the necessary biota and mitigation measures needed to clients as well as government agencies.

My goal is to be accepted to a PhD program for fish morphology that will allow me to pursue one of several questions which have arisen from my current rib survey. This pursuit could be done as my doctoral thesis or afterwards once I have obtained a faculty position at a University.
Amethyst Phillips
I am a physics major at CSUB and I hope to attend graduate school. I am not sure however if I would like to attend graduate school in physics or some other subject such as one of the non natural sciences(poli-sci, pych, etc.)

I may be reached at: amethystphillips@yahoo.com
Gabriel Ramirez
Elizabeth Robinson
I am presently a Junior at California State University, Bakersfield and am pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Resource Management with a minor in Communications. My overall GPA to date is 3.50. I hope to go on to graduate school and achieve Masters and Doctoral degrees in Ecology with an emphasis on Marine Biology. With the emergence of international environmental law, a numerous and well-educated force will be necessary for dealing with the environmental challenges that are taxing the limited resources of our planet and leaving natural ecosystems dangerously out of balance. Our nation must join forces with other nations in focusing on sustainability that ensures economic growth and development within the limits set by ecology.

I am greatly concerned about the long-term effects of global warming and the overall environmental degradation that threatens not only our world economy, but the health of all life on our planet. However, I believe that sustainable development can be achieved through technological research and applications that promote balance between the human community and the larger community of living systems.

I hope to become a positive contributor toward slowing and reversing dangerous trends through scientific research and involvement in administrative interpretations of environmental law. I am committed to the effort and time required in becoming such a contributor.

I may be reached at: lillybelle4@earthlink.net
Kevin Shah
I will receive my B.A. in English from California State University, Bakersfield in June, 2005. Currently, my institutional GPA is 3.77. I am eager to begin post-graduate studies in literature with an emphasis on British Modernism. I also am interested in prose fiction, poetry, and various approaches to literature, including neo-formalism, rhetoric, and stylistics.

I hope to be accepted into a graduate program that will support my primary interests and train me thoroughly in the literatures of many periods and cultures, and in criticism and theory.

My goal is to teach English at the university level. I believe that the study of literature helps us become better writers, better communicators, and in general more imaginative and empathetic people. Therefore, appreciation of literature as art per se is not my sole motivation for my choice of this profession. In addition, I hope to improve my students’ writing and thinking through our interaction with literature.

I may be reached at: themelaman@yahoo.com
Rachel Taylor
Antonio Ugues Jr.
I am a senior at California State University Bakersfield, majoring in Political Science and Economics and expect to graduate in June 2005. My academic interests are International Relations, Political Economy, and Electoral Behavior (primarily U.S.). I would like to pursue my education by entering a doctoral program in Political Science. Some of the institutions that I am interested in are the University of California Los Angeles, University of California San Diego, University of Southern California, and the University of California Riverside. I believe that I have much to offer to the institution that accepts me into their program, as I have a strong interest in academic research. I have competed in various Student Research Scholar Competitions at CSU Bakersfield and am currently involved in two research projects with faculty from CSU Bakersfield with the intent to publish our final product. Thank your for any and all considerations.

I can be reached at: augues@runner.csub.edu
Maribel Vega
I want to pursue a joint degree in International Relations (PhD.) with either a Juris Doctorate or a Masters in Latin American Studies. I am familiar with these types of joint degrees in the east coast private institutions that have well established programs offering selectivity and flexibility to fulfill these degrees. The UC system however varies significantly; I know UCSD does not have a law school. I would like to know more about the political science department at Berkeley and USC its flexibility with joint degree programs and the specific requisites or qualities that the graduate admissions department is looking for.

I can be reached at: imarunnur@yahoo.com
Eulalie Woolfolk
My name is Eulalie D. Woolfolk and I am a 40+ grandmother of 5 who has worked in the nursing community as an LVN for over 20 years. Four years ago, I decided to pursue my degree in psychology in an attempt to help those around me who seem to so desperately need it. My passions are to feed the homeless and to be an advocate for children in need. I spend most of my time doing just that.

My career goal is to work as a Forensic Psychologist in the criminal justice system, which is truly one of my deepest passions. I hope to attend the California School of Professional Psychology or UC Berkeley to meet my educational goal of attaining my Ph.D.

I may be reached at: ewoolfolk@runner.csub.edu