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2007-2008 McNair Scholars
Rosa Brown

Rosa Brown participated in the first World Youth Softball Championship. This experience opened her eyes to the world, as she met players from countries such as Australia, the Republic of China, Venezuela, and many others. She worked fifteen years as a flight attendant for a major airline, becoming more acquainted with people with different languages, socio-economic, and ethnic backgrounds. She also taught special education in Mexico, two years in Magadalena, Sonora, and two years in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. She taught "Grupos Integrados", a branch of special education that helps bring 1st grade students up to grade level to promote them to 2nd grade as soon as possible. As a teacher in Mexico, she strived to find ways to make learning meaningful and easier for students. As a person, she realized that language is what brings people together. This realization made her passionate about languages. She is fluent in English and Spanish and will attempt to learn Latin in the winter at CSUB, where she is currently a senior, and will be graduating with a major in English and two minors in Linguistics and Sociology. She plans to become an academic researcher in the fields of Second Language Acquisition and Neurolinguistics.

I may be contacted at:
Christa Franz

My dream is to make a difference in the world, impacting others lives in such a way that helps to promote personal growth, positive attitudes, and healthy lifestyles. I feel that I can best accomplish this through teaching at the University level. My motivation toward obtaining this goal and receiving my Ph.D. is driven by my desire to learn more about the world, others, and most of all, myself. My wish is to not only contribute in the classroom, but to also contribute to science through my research.

I am currently in the preliminary stages of my McNair Research Project, but I am working closely with my faculty mentor, Dr. Isabel Sumaya, to organize and plan my proposal. Because I am interested in researching areas involving neuropsychology and psychopharmacology, I have been contemplating a study on the relationship and mechanism of action of alcohol on post-bariatric surgery patients and the long-term effects of alcoholism on this population.

  • Undergraduate at CSUB with a major in Psychology.
  • Expected Graduation: June 2008.
  • Honors/Distinctions/Scholarships:
  • McNair Scholar: Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program
  • Member of CSUB Hawk’s Honor Program.
  • Awarded the Dean’s List numerous times throughout college experience.
  • Member of the International Honor Society; Phi Theta Kappa.
  • Member of the National Honor Society in Psychology; Psi Chi.
  • Member of the Criminal Justice Honor Society; Alpha Phi Sigma, Zeta Iota chapter.
  • Awarded Patricia A. Blair Memorial Scholarship.
  • Hobbies: Concerts, car shows, dancing, traveling, cooking, reading, arts & crafts, and most of all, spending time with friends and family!
  • Research Interests: Neuropsychology and Psychopharmacology.
  • Plan for Graduate Schools:
  • Master of Arts in psychology at California State University, Bakersfield.
  • Ph.D. - I am currently interested in the following schools but I am still researching my options.
  • Northwestern University, UCLA, UC San Diego, UC Berkley, USC.
I may be reached at:
Luis Jauregui

Born in Valle de Guadalupe, Jalisco, Mexico. I am currently a senior at CSUB pursuing a double major in Spanish and Mathematics. As for my graduation, I expect to graduate in Spring 2008. After that, I am planning to continue the journey to higher education, hopefully at UC Berkeley, UC Los Angeles, or San Jose State University. My interests range from Spanish/Mexican Literature, to Applied Mathematics and International Economics. I really hope to make a contribution in facilitating the understanding of International Economics through the use of mathematical models and information obtained from literature.

As for my career, I am a California Student Federation (CSF) member, a Louis Stokes Alliance for the Minority Participation (LSAMP) student, a MarcU* Scholar 2006-2008, a Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) student ambassador, and a UC Berkeley Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP) 2007. I am also the Math Tutoring Center Lead Tutor, and the President of the CSUB Math Club. When it comes to awards, I obtained High Honors in the Golden State Examination in Writing, Univision 39 Student of the Month May 2004, Top Scholar, and Bank of America Recognition among others.

In addition, for my hobbies, I enjoy reading, doing math, teaching, and listening to music. Yet, I also enjoy watching cultural films and playing soccer.

I may be reached at:
Hazel Love

My name is Hazel Love. My major is Economics with a minor in Psychology. I am a member of the African American Student Union and the Psychology Club. During a lifetime of experiences, I have often had the opportunity to act in the capacities of being a tutor, mentor and advocate, and, as such, I often found myself being questioned by others as to what qualified me to act in these various capacities. I have learned from these experiences to value the importance of higher education. Having encountered the socio-economic stereotypes and hindrances that are commonplace because of limited academic achievement, I have chosen to become an economic humanitarian advocating for social health through education and research.

My primary interest is in behavioral economics, where I will research the socio-economic implications of current partisan fiscal policies that are aggressively supportive of physical, rather than human, and capital accumulation. My research will explore and define human capital appreciation goals that are conducive to social health and long-term sustainable economic growth. I hope to highlight the essentiality of human capital growth as it contributes to social health, a necessary condition for continued long-run economic growth. I am excited and look forward to the opportunities being made available to me as a McNair Scholar with California State University, Bakersfield.

After graduation from California State University, Bakersfield with a M.A Degree, my goal is to enter a Ph.D. program in the University of California system, at the University of Chicago, the University of Rochester, Harvard University or Duke University.

I may be reached at:

Ruth Leon

Hello my name is Ruth Leon. I am a junior majoring in Political Science with a concentration in American studies and a minor in History. I am focusing my research in the area of equal protection under the law. I am glad to be part of the McNair Scholars program because it will help me in my pursue of doctoral degree in Political Science. With my degree I hope to eventually teach it at the University level and conduct meaningful research.

I am currently working as a paraprofessional for the STAAR program. I am the treasurer of the Trio Parapro Club (TPC) and V.P. of the honor society Chi Alpha Epsilon (XAE). I am also very involved with the local youth group at my church. I truly believe that nothing is impossible as long as there is effort. This is only the beginning for me, I have a long way to go.


I may be contacted at:

Jorge Mujica, Jr.

My Name is Jorge Luis Mujica Jr. I am a Senior at Cal State, Bakersfield. I just recently turned 25 and I am a double major in Political Science and Art history. I feel that in order to gain insight and experience in life one has to be insistent about pursuing knowledge. I find my curiosity to be the driving force in my research because it pushes me to question my own reason and logic, elevating my rhetoric and my thoughts. As a debater for Bakersfield College, I learned the simple pleasure of being a devil's advocate and realized that no matter how obscure a thought can be, there is always a grain of truth in every argument. I am passionate about my education and would like to become a university professor teaching Art History while focusing on political propaganda and contemporary art. Currently I am in the middle of filling out graduate school applications and have no idea what school I will attend next year. However, I am excited about being in this situation.

I plan to focus my research on East Los Angeles Murals and the effect murals have on the local community. My inspiration of this project is the combination of art within politics and the politics behind art.

I may be contacted at:

Fadekemi Oba
  • Born in Nigeria, raised in Trinidad and Tobago (island in the Caribbean)
  • Alumni of Bakersfield College
  • Associate in Science Degree in General Biology from Bakersfield College
  • Chemistry tutor at Bakersfield College
  • Member of the Chemistry Club and Hawk Honor's Program
  • Recent Transfer from BC-Undergraduate at CSUB majoring in Chemistry with an emphasis in Biochemistry
  • Research Interests- Synthesizing Organic Compounds, Physical Chemistry, anything Chemistry!
  • Expected graduation date: June 2009
  • Motivation-Whatever I decide to do in life must make me happy and I must love my job. I am excited to be a part of the McNair Program and I'm looking forward to the new doors of opportunity that Mc Nair can open for me. Also look forward to meeting new people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Hobbies- love Japanese cartoons (anime), cleaning (on a whim), love to laugh!
  • Graduate School- UCSD, UCSF (or UCSC). Still debating between teaching (Chemistry at minimum community college level) or Pharmacy.
Email me at:
Jose Montoya Ochoa

Major: Mathematics
Concentration: Statistics

Hello, my name is Jose Montoya Ochoa and I am a mathematics major and tutor at CSUB. I expect to graduate in the spring of 2008 and will be applying to the following schools for graduate study: UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, UC Los Angeles, UC Irvine, and UC Santa Barbara. My ultimate goal is to obtain a Ph.D. in Statistics. I am currently undergoing research with Dr. Sam Behseta and fellow colleague Jose Fuentes regarding Valley Fever, its parameters, and predicting occurrences. I enjoy participating and observing athletic activities. Music and sports take up most of my leisure time. I also enjoy spending time with family and friends. I am bilingual (English and Spanish) but am very interested in learning new languages. I believe we never stop learning, and think knowledge is invaluable.

I may be contacted at:

Valerie Poynor

Hello, my name is Valerie Poynor. I am a senior at CSUB and majoring in mathematics. I am a member of the Hawk Honors Program, the Executive Vice President of Associated Students, Inc., and work in the Oasis tutoring center. I am currently doing research under the instruction of Dr. Sam Behseta. We are using Bayesian multiple curve-fitting technology to compare neuron firings from the supplementary eye field over the eight fields of direction. We will be presenting our work in November for the Southern California Conference for Undergraduate Research at CSU Los Angeles.

After I graduate from CSUB, I plan to further my education by attending graduate school and ultimately earn a doctorates degree. I am very interested in the field of biostatistics. There are several Universities that offer excellent programs in this field of study. Particularly I plan to apply to: USC, UCSD, UC Irvine, and UC Santa Cruz.

I may be contact at:
Gilberto Uribe

My name is Gilberto Uribe. I am a sophomore biology major and am working on a statistics minor. Currently my research interests include zoology, particularly vertebrates. Biology is a very broad field and I may run into something I am more interested in as I continue my undergraduate work, which is why I do not have a small choice of graduate schools that I would like to attend, although at the moment, UC Davis is at the top of my list.

I may be reached at:

Jose Soto Fuentes

Hi, my name is Jose Soto Fuentes and I am currently a senior set to graduate in spring of 2008. My major is Math with my concentration being in statistics. I am also working two jobs, one for California State University Bakersfield as a Math tutor for the oasis and my second being for the Federal Bureau of Land Management as a Student Engineer.

Alongside my colleague Jose Ochoa Montoya, I am currently doing research with my mentors, Dr. Sam Behseta of the mathematics and Dr. Talamantes of the physics department. Our project revolves around modeling valley fever outbreaks alongside weather parameters throughout Kern and Arizona Counties in an effort to conclude prevalent factors in occurring cases.

Aside from my research and being enrolled in the McNair program I am also an active member of the Math Club and other California State University of Bakersfield math related activities. As a minority, I am also enrolled as an LSAMP scholar.

My future plans consist of attending graduate school in order to attain a PHD in Statistics. Currently I am applying to several schools including UC Irvine, UC Santa Cruz, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego and UCLA.

I may be reached at:

Toshia Goland

My name is Toshia Goland and I am a senior at C.S.U.B. My major is Psychology and my minor is Criminal Justice. I am interested in doing research in a multitude of areas, including (but not limited to): self-worth, self-esteem, technological communication, drug use and abuse, identity formation, and effects of low socioeconomic status in children and adolescents. Currently, I am doing research with Dr. Tanya Boone and Jenna Layne concerning technological communication and health in emerging adults.

In terms of graduate school, I am applying to programs in school psychology. My ultimate goal is to achieve my PhD and to work in underrepresented communities. As of right now, I am working for the California Student Opportunity and Access Program (Cal-SOAP) as a peer advisor and tutor for high school students. I am also involved in student activities and belong to several organizations, including Psi Chi (Secretary and Treasurer), NORML at CSUB (President and Founder), and The Psych Club.

You may contact me at:

Find out more information about Cal-SOAP at:

Mark De Guzman

Hello! My name is Mark De Guzman and I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. For the past 7 months, I have been working as a student assistant for Dr. Kloock with his research to unravel some of the relationship behind scorpion’s fluorescence and its behavior. We had collected and are still collecting the weekly censuses of the local occurring scorpion species, Vaejovis confusus and Paruroctonus shulovi, and we were able to identify their peak seasonality. Also, we conducted a gender difference study between the two species Vaejovis confusus and Paruroctonus shulovi over the summer with two high school students and a middle school teacher, through REVS-UP (Research Experience Vitalizing Science – University Program) funded by Chevron, and found a significant difference in peak fluorescence between genders of the two species, which could serve as a possible function to distinguish between the species.

I am currently working on an experiment to test fluorescence as a possible mechanism to prevent water loss for scorpions and its secondary purpose is to test the possibility to create living non-fluorescent scorpions, which opens up an array of experiments. I am an active member of the Biology and Math Club and we are finding ways to help better our community through community service as well as our student life.

Acceptance to the McNair Program allowed me to broaden my knowledge on what has to be done to become better prepared for graduate school. My goal is to earn a PhD in biological sciences and eventually become a teacher.

E-mail address:

Continuing Scholars