Program Descriptions

Traditional Track for Credentials

This teacher preparation program is one in which students will complete only the subject matter program, receive their BA in Liberal Studies, then go on to a Teacher Preparation Credential Program, after having successfully passed the CSET (California Subject Matter Examination for Teachers). This will require an additional year to complete.

Integrated Blended Credential Program (IBEST)

This teacher preparation program combines undergraduate subject matter with pedagogy courses in education, offering an integrated program of study. Students have the opportunity to begin their study of the classroom in their first year, and continue to develop their expertise as a teacher through multiple field experiences while completing the BA degree. Students graduate with both a BA in Liberal Studies and a a Level I Preliminary Multiple Subject Credential.

Integrated Special Education Program ( ISPED)

This teacher preparation program combines undergraduate subject matter with pedagogy courses in special education.  Students begin taking courses in special education during the end of their sophomore year, continuing through to their graduation with both a BA in Liberal Studies and Preliminary Education Specialist Credential in Mild to Moderate Disabilities.

Introductory Majors

CSUB Liberal Studies offers students the opportunity to obtain a Subject Matter Authorization in three areas:

Introductory English
Introductory Mathematics
Introductory Science

These Subject Matter Authorizations will allow students to teach Middle School being qualified to teach grades 6-9. For additional information, contact the Liberal Studies Office.

Non-Credential Track

Liberal Studies includes a small number of individuals who are simply seeking a broad based college degree. This major track includes General Education courses covering a range of subject areas including; Humanities, Arts, Sciences, and Social Sciences.

Liberal Studies

California State University, Bakersfield
9001 Stockdale Highway
Bakersfield, CA  93311-1022 

Pam Conners
Director of Advising
Phone: (661) 654-3337
Office:  Education 134

Sally Johnson
Program Coordinator
Phone: (661) 654-3337
Office: Education 135