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About Walter W. Stiern Library

The Walter W. Stiern Library opened in 1994 and is the largest building on the California State University, Bakersfield campus. The 150,000 square-foot building houses nearly half a million volumes and provides electronic access to more than 34,000 periodical titles via its hundreds of computer terminals. The Library is managed and operated by 26 staff members and faculty librarians. The Library also maintains a branch library at the CSUB Antelope Valley campus in Lancaster. The Dean of Libraries oversees all operations and services.

The Building: Its Collections and Services

The five-story Library building is divided into a lower level and four upper floors. On the lower level, a large computer lab provides students with access to a variety of software applications. In addition to the lab, the lower level has five computer classrooms, three instructional television studios, a multi-media production lab, and a 24-hour study room.

The Library’s upper four floors are divided into service areas, collections and offices.

On the main floor, students can check out books, obtain research help from a librarian at the reference desk, borrow reserve materials, or use the reference computers to access resources. The Library’s users check out more than 70,000 items per year on average. The Interlibrary Loan Department, which performs more than 15,000 borrowing and lending transactions per year, is located on the first floor, as are the First Year Experience, reference, juvenile, curriculum, law, and government document collections.

Located in the wood-paneled Dezember Reading Room, are the Pat Robles Multicultural Collection, the Dolores Cerro California History Collection, Faculty Book and current magazines on the display shelves. Administration and librarian offices are found on the first floor.

Also located on the main floor is Walter's, the Library's Café. Here students can purchase light snacks, coffee, and other beverages which may only be consumed in the 24 hour room.

On the the second floor, students can watch DVDs, videos, or listen to CDs in the multimedia viewing area. The second floor houses 725,000 pieces on microfilm and contains the library’s extensive collection of print periodicals.

The third and fourth floors house the main book collection. This circulation collection is the largest academic book collection in the southern San Joaquin Valley. Group and individual study rooms are also found on these floors.


Librarians, on average, answer more than 500 reference questions per week at the reference desk. They also provide online reference assistance through the 24-hour Question Point service and offer in-depth help to students through the Individual Research Assistance Program. Librarians, all of whom hold advanced degrees in library science, teach information competency courses and subject orientations.

Namesakes and Associates

The Library is named for Walter W. Stiern (1914-1987), a Kern County veterinarian who served 28 years in the State Senate and was instrumental in the establishment of CSUB. The Stiern Library Associates and our benefactors like the late Dr. George and Millie Ablin, for whom the Ablin Conference Room is named, Rayburn and Joan Dezember, for whom the Dezember Reading Room is named, and the late Dolores Cerro, for whom the Cerro California History Collection is named, have helped make possible the Library’s positive contribution to the university and community .

Mission Statement

Maps of CSUB Library

Stiern Library Associates

Stiern Library Associates (661) 654-3042

The Stiern Library Associates is a library support organization that provides funding to enhance the Library's collections and programs. Memberships also contribute to an endowment for the Library. The Stiern Library Associates has been in existence since shortly after the Library opened and has a strong, loyal membership base.

For information on the Stiern Library Associates, you may email Eileen Montoya or call the number listed above.

Curt Asher
Interim Dean, University Library


Johanna and Tim Alexander, Associate, in recognition of George and Pat Olson/Bob and Millie Alexander
Harvey and Laura Brockmeyer, Associate, in memory of Nancy Cook
Rudy Carvajal, Associate
Michael and Dona Chertok, Associate
Fred and Marilyn Dorer, Associate
Anita DuPratt, Associate
Dr. Charles and Judy Fritch, Associate
James and Ruby Gilmore, Associate
Rod and Susan Hersberger, Sponsor, in memory of Pat Robles
George and Janice Holder, Associate, in memory of Doris C. Luttrell
Jacquelyn A. K. Kegley, Contributing, in memory of Dr. Charles W. Kegley
Jerome Kleinsasser and Jeanne Harrie, Contributing
Robert C. Marshall, M.D., Contributing
Charles H. McCall, Associate
Gloria McLean, Associate, in memory of Jack Keister
B.J. Moore, Sponsor
Joseph Nunez, D.D.S., Sponsor
David and Linda Ost, Contributing
Margaret Philippe, Honors with Books
Anthony L. Rausin, Sponsor
Clarke and Laura Sanford, Contributing
Sunny Scofield, Associate in memory of LaMonte Scofield
Jeffry Spencer, Sustaining, in memory of David Spencer
William and Laura Wolfe, Associate


Robert C. Abrams, Contributing
Sherry Bennett, Associate, in memory of Leroy Hughes
Helen Ingles Brubaker, Associate, in memory of Goldie B Ingles
Carolyn Bunker, Contributing
Edward and Marjorie Carpenter, Associate
Lois Chaney, Sustaining, in memory of Dr. Homer Chaney
John and Emily Coash, Associate
Nancy Cook, Associate, in memory of Dr. Homer Chaney
Tony M. Deeths, Associate
Daniel Detwiler and Laura Dennison, Contributing, in memory of Dr. Nancy Cook
Rayburn and Joan Dezember, Benefactor
James Duncan, Associate
Emerson Erb, Contributing
Dr. Mark Evans, Associate
Genevieve Fabrizius, Associate, in memory of Dr. William Webster
Foreign Language International Cinema Society (FLICS), Sustaining
Camille Gavin, Associate, in recognition of Christy Gavin
Christy Gavin, Associate, in recognition of Brittany, Kendra, Claire and Tommy
Dean Gay, Associate
James H. George, Jr., Contributing
Vernell and Christina (Stiern) Goehring, Associate, in memory of Alysjune Stiern
Mayor Harvey Hall, Associate
Arthur D. Johnson, Associate, in memory of Walter W. Stiern
Tom and Pauline Larwood, Associate, in memory of Harold W. Scott
Peggy Leapley, Contributing
Law Offices of Timothy J. Lemucchi, Inc., Contributing, in recognition of Tomas and Connie Arciniega
Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Leung, Associate, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Lu-Ming Leung
Lyman and Julia Linfesty, Sustaining
Bruce and Laurie Maclin, Contributing, in recognition of San Joaquin Bank
William McLean and Gloria McLean, Associate, in memory of Jack Keister
President Horace and Barbara Mitchell, Sponsor
Charles and Jan (Stiern) Palmer, Associate
Delbert L. Pearl, Associate, in memory of J. Kealii Pearl
Janet and Leo J. Pierucci, Associate, in recognition of Lori Pierucci Crown
Mary Frances Porter, Associate, in memory of Stephanie Anastasia Stockton and Dolores Cerro
Sandra Bozarth, Associate
Curt Asher, Associate
David and Cynthia Stiles, Sustaining
Theo and Marko B. Zaninovich, Sustaining


Matching Endowment Contributors

Dr. Charles and Judy Fritch
Rod and Susan Hersberger
Charles H. McCall
San Joaquin Bank
June Stiern Bequest
David and Cynthia Stiles
Laura and Bill Wolfe
Theo and Marko B. Zaninovich

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