Library Courses

Fall 2016

General Studies 1110 Internet Research (1 unit) Lab 7

An introduction to the information resources available on the Internet for research purposes. Emphasis will be placed upon the identification, retrieval and evaluation of information for general and specific topics. Student will develop general knowledge of the Internet, navigation skills, effective search strategy skills, familiarity with Internet finding tools, evaluation methodologies and other Internet research skills.

INST 4200 Electronic Legal Research Methods - Online

An introduction to research using electronic resources such as Lexis/Nexis and the Internet. Emphasis will be placed upon effective search strategy development, mastery of search tools, identification of potential resources, and retrieval of pertinent sources. Course will include legal research using Lexis/Nexis. Student will develop familiarity and skills related to search strategy development, search software, Internet navigation, research sites, and other related skills.

Previously Offered Library Courses

GST490A Economic & ERM Information (1 unit)

Students will gain knowledge and skill in finding, collecting, and using economics and environmental resource management (ERM) information resources for courses and research. Class sessions will involve the introduction and review of major economic and ERM resources, data files, and databases accessible through the CSUB Library, government web sites, and other internet servers. Students will be assigned selected readings along with practical assignments involving the use of these resources.