Kern Economic Journal:

The Kern Economic Journal is a quarterly publication (February, May, August, and November). Its purpose is to track and analyze economic trends that affect the well-being of Kern County. In doing so, the journal provides primary data on consumer confidence and business outlook as well as secondary data on a wide range of economic indicators. These data help the community make more informed decisions. Sources of funding for the journal include university contributions and sponsorship fees.

Economic Research Center:

The Economic Research Center is a weekly periodical. Its mission is to analyze important issues that affect regional, national, and global economic well-being. The CSUB faculty, staff, and students as well as other interested parties are invited to contribute to this periodical. Submit articles not exceeding 1,000 words plus supporting charts and references in Microsoft Word to the Managing Editor. The Editor has no obligation to publish submitted articles if they do not conform to the mission of the Center. The Editor reserves the right to request revision and to edit submitted articles for publication.

Children in the Marketplace:

The Children in the Marketplace is a series of lesson plans in financial economics for elementary school students. It is the online version of a summer enrichment program I offered at CSUB for 12 years. The purpose of this page is to help educate young adults from an early age the importance of education in earning income and accumulating wealth.

Publisher and Managing Editor:
Abbas P. Grammy
Professor of Economics