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Kern Economic Journal

The Kern Economic Journal is a quarterly publication (February, May, August, and November). Its purpose is to track and analyze economic trends that affect the well-being of Kern County. In doing so, the journal provides primary data on consumer confidence and business outlook as well as secondary data on a wide range of economic indicators. These data help the community make more informed decisions. Sources of funding for the journal include university contributions and sponsorship fees.

Kern Economic Journal: 2014 Third Quarter

Economy at a Glance!

The United States economy has grown rapidly with falling unemployment and low inflation. The Gross Domestic Product increased at an annual rate of 3.5 percent in the third quarter from 4.6 percent in the second quarter.  The rate of unemployment dropped to 6.1 percent and the rate of inflation slowed to 1.1 percent …

Kern County Businesses Confident

Results of the Business Outlook Survey indicate that local businesses are still confident about local employment and business conditions.  The Business Outlook Index remained in the optimistic range with a value of 122. However, local businesses are concerned abut severe and prolonged drought, stiff business regulations, and…

Bakersfield Households Not Optimistic

Results of the Consumer Sentiment Survey indicate that household perceptions remained pessimistic about employment and financial conditions of their families and relatives. The Bakersfield Consumer Sentiment Index reverted to its first quarter value of 95 in the third quarter after reaching 98 in the second quarter…

Tracking Kern’s Economy

Kern County’s economy expanded at an annual rate of 3.4 percent.  Kern’s economy generated $16.3 billion in real personal income, $140 million more than the previous quarter.  The rate of unemployment dropped 1.0 percent to reach 10.4 percent. While below the county average, the rate of unemployment averaged 5.4 percent in Ridgecrest, 6.0 percent in Tehachapi, and 6.6 percent in Bakersfield.  Housing market conditions continued to improve. The county’s median sales price for all residential units appreciated $8,650 (or 4.7 percent) to reach $192,000. Meanwhile, 2,990 homes were sold, 302 housing permits were issued, and 508 notices of loan default were delivered…

Kern County King of California Oil Production 

Last year, Kern County produced nearly 142 barrels of oil that accounted for 71 percent of statewide output of about 200 million barrels. Kern County’s oil production was nearly six times greater than that of Los Angeles County…

Marketing Autumn Aura: Seasonal Colors Brand Strategy Clues

Much has been studied, written, and practiced in the area of brand strategy.  Think about brands as moving images on branches inside of the customer’s mind -- like leaves changing colors on autumn trees...

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