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Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents

FirstClass Email
Wireless Network Access
Computer Lab

FirstClass Email

Are emeritus faculty eligible for FirstClass accounts?

Yes. Contact the Helpdesk at 654-2307 or helpdesk@csub.edu if you have questions.

Wireless Network Access

Where is wireless internet access available on the campus?

Wireless Internet Access at CSUB is currently available in the following buildings and locations listed at this link: https://wiki.csub.edu/noc/doc/itrp/wireless-status.html. This list is updated as more State buildings are added and as the wireless network infrastructure implementation progresses. As wireless signals generally travel outside buildings, access is also usually available in close proximity to the aforementioned buildings.

What is the wireless network access policy?

Users of CSUB's wireless network are required to abide by the CSUB acceptable computer use policy, located at: http://www.csub.edu/infosecurity/acceptableUse.shtml. By logging on and using the CSUB wireless network users agree to the terms and conditions of the CSUB acceptable computer use policy.

Who can access the wireless network?

A CSUB NetID is needed to access the wireless network. All CSUB faculty, staff and students are provided with a NetID. Individuals and/or groups who may be meeting on the campus or renting campus facilities and who need access to the wireless network will need to make arrangements to have temporary guest ID's issued in order to log onto the network. Guest ID's for non-CSU groups and individuals will be available at a cost of $7.00 per 24 hours. Group account rates are also available, 10 accounts per 24 hour period, $50.00. To be eligible for a guest ID a group must be renting campus facilities, or if the request is from an individual, they need to be sponsored by a campus-based office. CSUB will not normally issue guest ID's to individuals not sponsored by a Campus entity.

How can I request guest accesss for my event or project?

Groups who are planning on renting facilities at CSUB and who want guest access for wireless and classroom computers should indicate this when making their reservations or talking to CSUB about their plans. The campus will need to know the number of accounts being requested and the dates the accounts need to be active. If you're sponsoring a group or individual you will need to place your request here: http://guestaccess.csub.edu. You will need your PeopleSoft chartfield information to complete this request. ITS needs to know this information two business days in advance of the planned usage. For further information or more technical questions regarding the wireless service please contact the Helpdesk at 661-654-2307.


What is the RUNNERCARD?

The California State University, Bakersfield RUNNERCARD is an identification card, and a financial transaction card. It is intended to be used the entire length of time you are at the University and into the future. It is not necessary to receive a new card each quarter or year. Use of your card constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions under which it was issued.

Who is eligible?

The RUNNERCARD is available to all California State University, Bakersfield paid registered students; faculty, staff, and auxilary employees for a pre-determined fee . In order to receive a RUNNERCARD you must present a valid form of photo identification at the time of application.


RUNNER BUCKS is an optional pre-paid, declining balance account. The account is used to purchase products and services. All account information is linked to the magnetic stripe on the back of the card, however, account balances are not maintained directly on the card. If a card is lost or damaged it may be replaced without losing any money from your account balance. When making a purchase at a point of sale terminal, indicate you would like to use your RUNNER BUCKS and the amount is automatically deducted from your pre-deposited funds.

How do I open an account?

Your account is automatically opened when you receive your RUNNERCARD. You can make a deposit at the Cashiers Office, the Runner Bookstore, or at a Value Transfer Station (VTS) located in the Stiern Library on the second floor and in the main computer lab.

Where can I use the card?

The RUNNERCARD can currently be used in the Walter Stiern Library; in the Runner Bookstore; Runner Cafe and Commons dining; Wahoo's; Health Center; Activities Center including concession stand and at designated vending machines around campus.

What if my card is lost or stolen?

To prevent unauthorized use of your card, report the loss immediately to the RunnerCard Office during our business hours by calling 661.654.2009. For after hours, report the loss to Public Safety at 661.654.2111, then return to the RunnerCard Office the following business day to purchase a new a card.


How do I allow others proxy to my account?

From the Edit menu choose Proxy List. Select the user you want as proxies and click Read/Write or Read-Only. A Read/Write proxy can change your calendar; a Read-Only proxy can only view your calendar. Click Ok to authorize the selected users as proxies.

How do I create a banner?

From the File menu select New Banner, or Drag the mouse across the splitter bar on the days you want the Banner to span. Enter the title of the banner in the Title field. Press the Tab key to move to the Location field. Enter a location to display on the banner (optional). Click the Schedule button to enter the date range you want the banner to span. If you created the banner by dragging the mouse across the days you want to span, proceed to the next step. Click the Notes button to add information about your banner. If you do not want to add notes, proceed to the next step. Click the Options button to set reminders, and/or to make the banner private, publishable, or flexible. Selecting Flexible does not block busy time on your calendar. Leaving Flexible unchecked blocks your calendar, and you appear unavailable to other users. Click Create Banner. A banner will appear on your daily calendar spanning the dates you specified.


I can't print to a network printer. What do I do?

Make sure that the printer is turned on. If the printer is turned off, turn on the printer and try printing again. If the printer is on and other people can print to the printer, select your start menu, settings and then printers. A printer window will open. Find the name of the network printer. The status for that printer should say ready. If the status says paused, right-click on the printer name and select pause printing. Right-click the printer again, and then click Properties. On the General tab, click Print Test Page. If the test page did not print correctly, click Troubleshoot to open the Print Troubleshooter for help resolving the printing problem or call the Help Desk at x2307.

My printer is jammed. How do I fix it?

Pull out the paper drawer and look inside the cavity for jammed paper. If you see jammed paper, gently pull it out and close the door. The printer will reset. If you don't see jammed paper, close the door and open the back door of the printer and again look for jammed paper. If you see jammed paper, gently pull it out and close the door. The printer will reset. If you don't see jammed paper, close the door and open the top door and pull out the ink cartridge. Look for jammed paper. If you see jammed paper, gently pull it out, reinsert the ink cartridge, and close the door. The printer will reset. If the paper will not release, call the Help Desk at x2307.

Computer Lab

Is anyone allowed to use the Computer Lab?

No. The Computer Lab is only available for currently enrolled students at CSU, Bakersfield.

What services does the computer lab staff provide to students?

The Computer Lab staff is available to provide information regarding the operation of the Computer Labs. The Computer Lab staff is trained to help students open, save and print documents from the computer.

How do I add money to my student ID card?

To deposit cash use one of the Value Transfer System (VTS) Automatic Deposit machines (ADM's) located in the computer lab on the lower level of the library or the copy room on the second floor of the library and select the option Deposit for Runner Bucks follow the instructions on the machine. To deposit money other than cash please visit the Fiscal Services websitehttp://www.csub.edu/BAS/fiscal/studaccount/payment_meth_def.shtml

What software is available on the computers in the Computer Lab?

To view a list of software available, click on the following link: http://www.csub.edu/itss/computerlabs/labsoftware.shtml

How much does it cost to print?

The cost of printing is $0.15 per page.

How can I print a document in the Computer Lab?

Select the print option and click print. Then proceed to the Pay to Print Release Station.

How do I use the Pay to Print Release Station?

Slide your print card (a CSUB ID Card or the yellow temporary print card) in the card reader. A list of print jobs will appear. The print jobs can be associated by Station ID or Description. The Station ID is related to the Computer Name and the Description is the name of your document. Select your print job and click the option Print Selected.

Does the Computer Lab offer any services for students with disabilities?

Yes. The Computer Lab has an ADA compliant workstation with the following hardware and software: computer with 17in monitor, scanner, Braille printer, CCTV, Kurzweil 3000, Duxbury, ZoomText, Dragon Naturally Speaking, and JAWS.

Other Questions

Please contact the Helpdesk at (661) 654-2307 or send an e-mail to helpdesk@csub.edu if you have any other questions.

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