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Equipment Checkout

Equipment Checkout Policy

Faculty and students with a valid CSUB ID have access to equipment made available by ITSS in the Library lower level, room 13/15. The access to equipment is free if the use of the equipment is for class related use and/or class related projects and returned on time. Use of equipment for non-class related activities is allowed on a rental basis. The highest priority for use of the equipment is to support the instructional program, all other uses are subject to equipment availability. Equipment can be checked out during normal Helpdesk hours.

Persons using equipment are responsible for exercising care to protect items from theft, loss, or damage and to return equipment as scheduled. The State holds borrowers accountable for the value of the equipment. Financial responsibility for the replacement or repair in case of neglegent damage or loss lies with the individual who checks-out the equipment. Late fees will be imposed on equipment returned late.

Most of the equipment available for check-out is subject to a 24 hours check-out period, except when checked-out on Fridays after 3PM.

Note: You must bring a valid CSUB ID card with you to check out equipment from our department.

Equipment Listing and Rate

Equipment Type Rate
Digital Camera $10.00
Digital Video Camera $15.00
Laptop Computer (PC) †† $45.00
Video/Data Projector $45.00

Rates do not apply to classroom instruction unless late fees apply. Users will be billed for cost of technical assistance. There is a delivery/setup/soundcheck fee of $20 for some items.
††Instructor/Faculty checkout only.

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