Any user whose home campus also provides eduroam access, can connect to the eduroam SSID we provide with their home credentials.

For eduroam, username is always <netid>@<institution name>


CSUB Member on CSUB Campus

  • Local users can use eduroam using their normal netid credentials with appended to their netid in the form <>.

CSUB Member away at participating campus

  • Our users can connect to any eduroam SSID by entering their normal netid credentials
  • Username MUST BE <netid>
  • Before taking a trip to a participating campus, please connect your device to the local EduRoam network on the CSUB campus and verify connectivity.  If you face difficulties please contact the HelpDesk, so that they may assist you in resolving all connection issues on your device.

Visitor from participating campus on CSUB Campus

  • Visiting users should already know how to connect
  • If all settings match but their password is rejected they must contact their home institution IT
  • username should be <name>@<institution domain>


Unable to Connect

  • Make sure or equivalent is added to the username.
  • Banned users will not be allowed on whether they are on or off campus. 

For iOS

  • Forget the network.
    • Settings -> Wifi
    • Click the i (with the circle around it)
    • Forget this network
  • Restart your iPhone/iPad.
  • Reconnect to the network.
    • Settings -> Wifi
    • Select eduroam under "Choose a network"
    • Enter credetials and password
    • Accept untrusted Certificate