Phones and Voicemail

Your phone is connected to our campus telephone network.  This network is owned, operated, and maintained by our campus.  Depending on your phone setup, you can place local, long-distance, and international phone calls.  To place calls from the campus network, just dial the last four digits of the desired person’s phone number.  To place call off campus, you must dial a 9 first. For more information, see the Useful Links.

Your phone may be connected our voicemail system.  The voicemail system allows people to leave you messages, when you are on your phone or away from your desk.  For more information about the voicemail system, see the Useful Links.


Hearing Impaired Access
Phone FAQs
Phone Guide (pdf)

VoIP Phone Quick Reference Guide (pdf)
VoIP Phone User Guide (pdf)
VoIP Phone Training Videos

Voicemail FAQs
Voicemail Guide (pdf)

Phone: 661-654-2307
Web: Request Help
Location: Walter Stiern Library, Room 15

To find out more, go to: Help Desk

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