Test Scoring Answer Key Preparation (Green)

General Instructions:

In preparing your Answer Key (Green Form, #4887) for the OPSCAN Test Scoring System, please do not make any stray marks on either side of the answer key. Do not fold, bend, tear or otherwise damage the answer key. Do not use any staples. Erase any incorrect bubbles completely. Use No. 2 pencil only the scanner will not read ink!. Do not include any other materials in your test packet such as the original test booklet, post-it notes, other papers, paperclips or rubber bands.
  • Side 1:

    At the top of the form on side one print the instructor’s name and a phone number we may call when the exams are ready for pick-up. Bubble in the answers to the test questions. If an answer is left blank on the key, all answers for this question will be considered correct. see example Front

  • Side 2:

    In the section labeled NAME, print the word “KEY” in the first three spaces, followed by a space, then the instructor’s last name or other identifying information. This information will print at the top of the reports that are returned with your test packet. You only have 15 spaces for this information. Fill in the corresponding bubbles. See example Back

In the section labeled IDENTIFICATION NUMBER print the number of questions using three spaces left justified. If the number of questions is less than 100, place a “0” in front to take up this space. (As an example, for an exam with 50 questions, you would need to write “050”; for an exam with 120 questions, you would need to write “120”.) Fill in the corresponding bubbles.

The reports that you will receive will show each students grade for that particular test. If you do not specify a sort order then the results will be in the order the test were scanned. This may or may not be the order in which you delivered the test packet. To change the sort order of the test results use one of the following choices.

For an alphabetically sorted results report, write and bubble-in a “1” immediately after the number of test questions. For this type of sort, students must bubble in their names on side 2 of the tests.

For a numerically sorted results report based on their CSUB ID, write and bubble in a “2” immediately after the number of test questions. For this type of sort, students must bubble in their CSUB ID on side 2 of the tests.

In the section labeled SPECIAL CODES put a “1” and bubble it in.

Handling Instructions:

Place the key sheet on the top of the student tests to be scored. Make sure all tests are stacked with side one facing up. Submit exam sheets in a large campus mail envelope with the instructor’s name on the outside. If you have any questions, please call the ACS Department at extension 2115.

To download a copy of the Cover Sheet that you will need to submit your OPSCAN packet click OPSCAN cover sheet.

For student instructions on how to fill out the OPSCAN answer sheet click OPSCAN answer sheet.

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