myCSUB is our student information system.  It allows students to register for classes, check financial aid, and monitor their academic progress.  For faculty, it allows you to view a class roster, communicate with your students, and post grades.  It allows staff to perform numerous tasks, such as building class schedules, running queries, advising students, and working with applicants.  These functions are just a few.

myCSUB uses PeopleSoft as defined by the Common Management Systems Initiative.  This enables our system to be tailored to the needs of the CSU.


Student Guide to myCSUB
Faculty Guide to myCSUB
Staff Guide to myCSUB


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How do I find my Net ID using my CSUB ID number?

Before you begin, locate your CSUB ID number, which is printed on the RunnerCard or photo id. 

  1. Open your web browser
  2. Navigate to the Account Lookup web page
  3. In the CSUB ID, enter your nine digit CSUB ID number
  4. In the Last Name, enter your last name
  5. Click the Lookup button.

Your NetID will appear on the screen.

What is my default password?

Your initial default password is your birth year followed by the last 4 digits of your SSN.

For Example:
Birth Year: 1980
SSN: 123-456-7890
Password is: 19807890

If have forgotten your password, you may also use "Reset my password" link below.

How do I change my password?

To change your password:

  1. Open your web browser
  2. Navigate to Change Password web page
  3. In the box, enter your NetID
  4. Click Begin
  5. In the Old Password, enter your current password
  6. In the New Password, enter your new password
  7. In the Verify Password, enter the new password again
  8. Click Change Password.

You see a message indicating that your password was changed successfully.

How do I use myCSUB?

The ITS training website contains useful videos and step-by-step instructions for most functions in myCSUB. These materials are available using the following links

Student Guides
Faculty Guides
Staff Guides


Phone: 661-654-2307
Web: Request Help
Location: Walter Stiern Library, Room 15

To find out more, go to: Help Desk