Faculty Services

The staff of the Instructional Television Network is striving to make your ITV teaching experience a positive one. Towards that goal, we've assembled some information and tools that can help you teach on ITV.

Teaching a distant learning course brings its own unique set of challenges. If you have not taught a distant learning course before, you might find some of the pedagogy you’re used to won’t translate well to this environment. So here are some useful tips to help you along the way

General Tips

  • ITV has its own support staff, Use them!

  • If you have not taught in an ITV room before or in a while, call us 661-654-6700 and schedule a training or refresher course. It makes the first day a great deal smoother.

  • Physical mail takes 2 business days For more information take a look at our mailing document (docx)
  • Course materials can also be faxed, distributed with BlackBoard or it can be emailed to avitv@csub.edu where it will be printed and ready for your students. All copies made your class that are faxed or emailed will be billed to your department.
  • If you have an idea or concern that can improve your experience, voice it to the technical staff immediately. You never know what we might be able to do unless you ask.

  • Try and use Large Serif fonts on contrasting backgrounds for your presentations. This makes viewing much easier.

  • Encourage your students to interrupt your lectures with comments and questions. When looking for raised hands, the distant site(s) often get over looked and students can become disheartened to your course.

  • If one of your sites are not participating in discussion, single them out and make them participate. This often jumpstarts a quiet room and participation will flow naturally from there.

  • Courses are recorded as part of our agreement with Antelope Valley. These recordings can be made available to the students at the instructor’s request. Inquire with the ITV staff for more information

  • PowerPoint Best Practices

  • PowerPoint and Instructional Design

  • Georgia Harper's Copyright Crash Course


  • Antelope Valley students cannot buy scantrons. Their bookstore does not stock them. You will have to purchase and mail those to the AV campus for your students use
  • Bakersfield Campus does not normally provide or can grantee proctors for your exam, however with notice Antelope Valley does. So if you plan on being in AV during an exam and need a proctor; please contact us or work out an alternative in advance.
  • For your final exam, try to design it to be submittal electronically or faxed. Due to time constraints we cannot promise delivery of your physical exam before grades are due the following week. If you must receive a physical return, work out the details with your chair and let them know that mail just does not travel that fast.