To View an ITV course you must obtain the login information from your instructor.

ITV classes each term can be viewed online usually within 2 buisness days after the class meeting. To view recorded sessions simply select the class from the navigation list and enter the credentials provided to you by your instructor. Instructors can obtain login information for thier classes by contacting ITV staff at (661)654-6700.

Please note that login information will not be given to students by ITV staff.  However, ITV staff will present how to login and view classes along with credentials to the entire class if requested.

All Recorded Classes are subject to removal without warning and are provided as a courtesy service to ITV classes. These videos are intended as an study aid and not as a replacement for attending class. Class attendance is still mandated by the class instuctor.

Videos are not a guaranteed Service and may take up to two business days before posting.

  • These Videos are NOT a substitute for going to class.
  • Students must continue to accrue seat-time as required by your professor and /or certificate accreditation.
  • Your web browser must support javascript to view ITV videos. 

The online videos are the intellectual property of California State University Bakersfield, the professor conducting the class and the copyright holders of audio/visual materials presented during the class for instructional purposes.  Any capturing or copying, in total or in parts, is strictly prohibited under state and federal law.

All ITV videos are copyright 2018 California State University, Bakersfield.