Q.    Why is QuickTime being removed from my Windows PC?

A.    Apple computers Inc., has stopped supporting QuickTime for Windows, and will no longer be issuing any security updates. Both Trend Micro, a leading global security software company, and the Department of Homeland Security have issued warnings to stop using QuickTime for Windows.  QuickTime will continue to be supported on Apple computers, and nothing will change for them.


Q.    What will I use to play QuickTime videos if I do not have QuickTime?

A.    CSUB ITS has selected VLC Media player to replace QuickTime for Windows.


Q.    How will I get VLC Media player, and get rid of QuickTime?

A.    ITS is developing an automatic installer which will uninstall QuickTime, and install VLC.  This installer will be run over the network, and under most circumstances will not require you to do anything.  If at any time you are unable to open a QuickTime file, please contact the CSUB IT HelpDesk.


Q.    How will I know when VLC is on my computer.

A.    The icon for the program VLC player icon will show up on your Start Menu, and when you double click on a QuickTime .mov file, VLC will open and play the file. The VLC icon will be on the upper left corner of the player 


Q.    How can I learn about controls and features in VLC?

A.    VideoLAN, the organization that produces VLC Media player has documentation available on their website.  There is a Quick Start Guide, with a chapter on the Interface, that is very useful.


Q.    What can I do if QuickTime has not been removed yet?

A.    Call the CSUB ITS Help Desk at 661-654-2307 to have them manually remove QuickTime and install VLC.