Voice over IP (VoIP) Telephone Service (NEW) 



The new VoIP telephone service includes employee desk phones, conference rooms, fax phone lines, wall phones, analog lines, and voicemail. 


What do I need to get this service?

The Department Telecom Consultant (DTC) must request the service through the Helpdesk. An ITS telecom engineer will review your building department to determine readiness and make necessary recommendations. 

What is included?

Dependent on the request the service may include a VoIP capable phone, Voice Mail, local and long distance telephone service.  

When is support for this service available?

During normal business hours. Available outside normal business hours for emergencies 

Who do I contact for support?

Contact the Helpdesk:
Phone: 661 654-2307
Email: helpdesk@csub.edu
Online Form: https://www.csub.edu/its/services/helpdesk/reqfrm/
In-Person: Room Lib 15
Adds/Moves/changes to the service will require that the DTC initiate the service request. 

Where is this service available?

On-campus. Available off-campus dependent on what service is chosen. 

How long does it take to get the service?

Two business days for a single phone, consultation required for multiple phones.

How do I stop or change the service?

The DTC will have to contact Helpdesk support


Installation & Monthly by type of phone and usage.