Accessible PowerPoint for the Web with LecShare


Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most popular tools to create the slide show presentation. It enables users to quickly create high-impact, dynamic presentations, while integrating workflow and ways to easily share information. To apply this concept to higher education system, it is a very powerful tool for students, faculty, and staff to create their presentations on introduction of new course, syllabus, instructional material, training, workshop, individual or group project, and so on. It is also an easy-to-use and productive program in creation of your presentation.

Even though Microsoft PowerPoint is a good and powerful program to use for most of people, PowerPoint file is not a fully accessible format on the web for people with disabilities, specifically blind or visually impaired who use screen reader to access to Internet/web-based information. If the PowerPoint file is simply converted to HTML file and published to the website without any formatting, this PowerPoint presentation on the web will not be accessible for the screen reader users.

Fortunately, there are three main ways available to make your PowerPoint presentation on the web accessible.

    1. Use LecShare
    2. Use Accessible Web Publishing Wizard
    3. Copy and paste your content of outline view