Compliance Sheriff Report


Compliance Sheriff is a web-based scanning/monitoring application for web accessibility. It generates summary reports on web accessibility for site web liaisons and site owners based on the checkpoints outlined by CSU ATI Accessibility Requirements. In CSUB we schedule the scanning interval for web accessibility once a week and each week site web liaisons and site owners will receive their website reports via notification e-mails. In addition site web liaisons are provided with login information to have access to their Compliance Sheriff accounts for details.

Login and Check your Website Reports

  • Open your browser (IE, Firefox, etc) and type in the following URL in the address bar:

  • Log in with your username and password. By default, your username is your NetID and your password is the last 5 digits of your CSUB ID number. You can change password by clicking Settings after login.
  • Click Sign in to login.
  • After you login to Compliance Sheriff its web-based interface is displayed as below.
  • There are two tabs you will use to view your scanning reports, Dashboard and View.
  • Click on the Dashboard tab, and then click Add view to add the websites under you. There are three presentation modes (Panels, Tabs, and Vertical) for you to view your reports.
  • Another place for you to view your reports is from the Views tab. Click Views and your websites will be listed. And then click Preview or Report to read your summary report. The summary report will list the details of your sites, like where and why the pages failed based on the checkpoints of CSU ATI Accessibility Requirements.

Icon Symbols for Report Results

  • Green icon indicates all pages passed all checkpoints.
  • Blue icon indicates for manual or visual checks.
  • Orange icon indicates all pages passed, with some warnings.
  • Red icon indicates one or more pages failed to pass.