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Incident Reporting

Any suspected breaches of confidential information should be reported immediately to Sue Rivera, Kal Shenoy, Mike Fleming or email to:

Most incident reporting will come from technical staff in ITS whose job it is to monitor intrusions into the campus network and various servers. However, anyone who suspects there might be a security breach involving access to confidential information must report it to the Information Security Officer and the Assistant Vice President for Information Technology Services.

Reportable incidents do not mean just breach of campus servers. They may also include lost paper files, lost laptops, lost storage devices, etc. The University bears a heavy burden in reporting the potential loss of confidential information, so everyone has an obligation to report breaches.

Various documents are used to respond and report potential security breaches:

  1. Incident Response Form
  2. Incident Notification Letter
  3. Generic Security Incident Press Release

Anyone wishing to view these forms, please contact the Information Security Officer.