Our Team

The services we provide to the campus are made possible through our talented team of IT professionals.  This talented group represents years of experience, expertise, and skill with many technologies.  Each member of our team is willing and ready to demonstrate excellence in their pursuit of your organizational needs.

ITS-Office of the CIO

Faust Gorham Faust Gorham
Associate Vice President & Chief Information Officer
Phone (661) 654-6539
E-Mail fgorham@csub.edu
Website Information Technology Services
Office ITV 2F

ITS-Business Office

  No Picture Erika Milam
  Administrative Support Coordinator
  Phone (661) 654-3568
  E-Mail emilam@csub.edu
  Office ITV 2

  Kamye Salyards Kamye Salyards
  Administrative Support Coordinator
  Phone (661) 654-2626
  E-Mail ksalyards1@csub.edu
  Office ITV 2

ITS-Information Security

  Sue Rivera Sue Rivera
  Information Security Analyst
  Phone (661) 654-2408
  E-Mail srivera@csub.edu
  Website Information Security
    Office ITV 2C

ITS-Project Management

  Madhu Gogulapati MG (Madhu Gogulapati)
  Project Manager
  Phone (661) 654-3931
  E-Mail mgogulapati@csub.edu
  Website Project Management
    Office ITV 2D

ITS-Enterprise Applications

No Picture Brian Chen
Director of Enterprise Applications
Phone (661) 654-2538
E-Mail bchen@csub.edu
Website Enterprise Applications
Office EApp 112

  No Picture Greg Bursett
  Interim Lead Analyst/Programmer
  Phone (661) 654-3427
  E-Mail gbursett@csub.edu
  Office EApp 109

  No Picture Nancy Bloomquist
  Phone (661) 654-6030
  E-Mail nbloomquist@csub.edu
  Office EApp 121

  No Picture Mike Bullis
  Phone (661) 654-3430
  E-Mail mbullis@csub.edu
  Office EApp 107

  No Picture Don David
  Phone (661) 654-3447
  E-Mail ldavid@csub.edu
  Office EApp 108

  No Picture Clarrisa Espino
  Phone (661) 654-2437
  E-Mail cespino1@csub.edu
  Office EApp 113

  Shan He Shan He
  Information Technology Consultant
  Phone (661) 654-6567
  E-Mail she@csub.edu
  Office EApp 103

  Pierre Igoa Pierre Igoa
  Manager of Web Services and Communication
  Phone (661) 654-6228
  E-Mail pigoa2@csub.edu
  Office EApp 106

  No Picture Jun-Ying Mao
  Phone (661) 654-2329
  E-Mail jmao@csub.edu
  Office EApp 110

  No Picture Steve Miller
  Phone (661) 654-6060
  E-Mail smiller@csub.edu
  Office EApp 126

  No Picture Tracy Lopez
  Phone (661) 654-2328
  E-Mail tlopez14@csub.edu
  Office EApp 105

ITS-Infrastructure Services

Chris Diniz Chris Diniz
Director of Infrastructure Services
Phone (661) 654-3431
E-Mail cdiniz@csub.edu
Website Infrastructure Services
Office EApp 119

  No Picture Joe Nailor
  Lead Infrastructure Services
  Phone (661) 654-2083
  E-Mail jnailor@csub.edu
  Office EApp 125

  No Picture Alejandro Cruz
  Network Analyst
  Phone (661) 654-3210
  E-Mail acruz60@csub.edu
  Office CENT 100

  No Picture Eddie Figueroa
  Operating Systems Analyst
  Phone (661) 654-3441
  E-Mail efigueroa1@csub.edu
  Office EApp 123

  No Picture Simon Jiang
  Operating Systems Analyst
  Phone (661) 654-3635
  E-Mail sjiang@csub.edu
  Office EApp 102

  No Picture Ernest Richards
  Network Security Analyst
  Phone (661) 654-3432
  E-Mail erichards1@csub.edu
  Office EApp 102

  No Picture Nick Rowland
  Operating Systems Analyst
  Phone (661) 654-3067
  E-Mail nrowland@csub.edu
  Office EApp 117

  No Picture Keith Smith
  Network Analyst
  Phone (661) 654-3125
  E-Mail kesmith@csub.edu
  Office CENT 100

  No Picture Frank Stamboolian
  Network Analyst
  Phone (661) 654-2118
  E-Mail fstamboolian1@csub.edu
  Office CENT 100

ITS-Support Services

Rich Nelson Rich Nelson
Director of Support Services
Phone (661) 654-3522
E-Mail rnelson16@csub.edu
Website ITS Infrastructure and Support
Office LIB 13

ITS-Client Services

  Marirose Brown Marirose Brown
  Information Technology Consultant
  Phone (661) 654-3436
  E-Mail mbrown@csub.edu
  Office LIB 1A

  Ernie Hashim Ernie Hashim
  Information Technology Consultant
  Phone (661) 654-2488
  E-Mail ehashim@csub.edu
  Office LIB 11A

  No Picture John Kirby
  Operations Specialist
  Phone (661) 654-2382
  E-Mail jkirby3@csub.edu
  Office LIB 17

  Anthony Martinez Anthony Martinez
  Information Technology Consultant
  Phone (661) 654-2330
  E-Mail amartinez146@csub.edu
  Office LIB 15

  Kenton Miller Kenton Miller
  Information Technology Consultant
  Phone (661) 654-2085
  E-Mail kmiller@csub.edu
  Office LIB 12A

  No Picture Tem Moore
  Information Technology Consultant
  Phone (661) 654-2209
  E-Mail tmoore@csub.edu
  Office LIB 12B

  Alex Slabey Alex Slabey
  Information Technology Consultant
  Phone (661) 654-6234
  E-Mail aslabey@csub.edu
  Office lIB 12C

  Nickolas Stringer Nickolas Stringer
  Information Technology Consultant
  Phone (661) 654-6255
  E-Mail nstringer@csub.edu
  Office LIB 15

  Erene Thomas Erene Thomas
  Information Technology Consultant
  Phone (661) 654-2311
  E-Mail ethomas11@csub.edu
  Office LIB 17

ITS-Hardware and Events

  No Picture Scott Herron
  Lead Equipment Systems Specialist
  Phone (661) 654-3437
  E-Mail sherron@csub.edu
  Office LIB SHOP

  No Picture Mike Bohan
  Media Specialist
  Phone (661) 654-2448
  E-Mail mbohan@csub.edu
  Office ITV 1A

  No Picture Bryan Ellison
  Information Technology Consultant
  Phone (661) 654-3987
  E-Mail bellison2@csub.edu
  Office LIB SHOP

  No Picture James Evans
  Operations Specialist
  Phone (661) 654-2750
  E-Mail jevans2@csub.edu
  Office ITV 3A

  No Picture Thomas McClendon
  Equipment Systems Specialist
  Phone (661) 654-3242
  E-Mail tmcclendon@csub.edu
  Office LIB 22

  No Picture Ken Rinehart
  Equipment Systems Specialist
  Phone (661) 654-2167
  E-Mail krinehart@csub.edu
  Office LIB SHOP