ITS Event Equipment and Services Fees

Equipment/Service Fees
Conference Phone $15/Day
Data Projector - Large Room $15/Hour
Data Projector - Small/Med Room $10/Hour
Delivery and Set-up $20/Flat fee
Digital Video Camera $50/Day
DVD Player $50/Ea.
Guest Access Code $7/Account
Lapel Mic $30/Day
Live Video Stream $50/Hour
Logitech Webcam $30/Day
Network Access $20/Per Unit
PC Laptop Day Rate $75/Day
PC Laptop Hourly Rate $10/Hour
Podium with Mic $30/Day
Presentation Clicker $10/Day
Projector Screen 8' $15/Day
Projector/Speakers/Cart $15/Hour
Sound System - Large $60/Day
Sound System - Medium $30/Day
Standing Mic $20/Day
Tabletop Mic $10/Day
Video Recording $50/Hour
Wireless Mic $30/Day
Tech Support Staff OT $75/Hour