Campus Hardware Standards

One of the many challenges in supporting the use of computers and information technology in a university environment is standardizing, to the degree possible, the kinds of hardware and software that people use on their desktops and in offices. While this policy realizes that some individuals/departments will have needs that are not resolved by the recommended standards, it is important to acknowledge that adhering to standards will ultimately result in better service and faster resolution of problems for everyone. Computing in a network environment is complex; hardware and software that work fine in a non-networked or home environment may not work in a network environment. Saving a few dollars on an off-brand PC or personal printer will ultimately cost far more in staff support and in additional purchases that may be needed to solve problems.

Windows Computers

Apple Computers

Managed Print Services


Requirements for Removable Devices with Confidential Data

University policy prohibits the storage of confidential information on transportable media and mobile devices, unless the data is encrypted.CSUB Information Security Policy and The California State University System Information Security Policy.

For those members of the University community who have a business need to store confidential information on transportable media, Information Technology Services recommends the following (or similar) USB flash drive product. This flash drive provides strong encryption protection for confidential information: IronKey Secure Hardware Encrypted Flash Drive.

If you are in need of encryption assistance, please call the Helpdesk at x2307.

Skype for Busines Accessories

We recommend the following accessories for using Skype for Business. These accessories are certified by Microsoft to ensure smooth operations.

Speaker Phones



Please order hardware items through CSUB Procurment from these vendors or the Campus Marketplace



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