Runner MFD program FAQ

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I need a MFD machine in my department. How can I have a machine added to Runner Copy Program?

Contact the Print Shop @ 2272 and they will ask you for information on your anticipated type and volume of use.

How do I order paper for my department's MFD?

If your MFD is part of the Runner MFD Program common-size paper is included in your usage charges. To order, call 2307 and identify the ID number on the front of your machine.

If your department owns the MFD, the Print Shop can supply common-size paper at a below-market cost due to large-volume buying. To order, complete a Print shop WebPrint work order and include your department's billing string.

All paper orders will be delivered to your department.

How do I order toner and staples for my department's MFD?

If your MFD is part of the Runner MFD Program call the HelpDesk @2307

How do I obtain, or change my pin

Download and subitt a pin add or change form.

If you need assistance contact the HelpDesk X 2307.

Where do I put in my pin code?

Your pin code goes into the button called Dept ID and leave pin code button blank.

I have a line or lines on my copies.

If the line is just on the copies from the feeder clean the small glass on the left hand side.

If the lines are on the ones copied from the glass clean the glass first and if continues contact the HelpDesk @ 2307 for service.

If the paper does not register paper in drawer.

Check to be sure side guides are placed against the paper.