Network Software Installer

The Network Software Installer (NSIS) is a tool for users and Helpdesk staff to install common campus software and printers. It is available on all campus computers.

Launching NSIS

Run the command "nsis", which is actually a shortcut in the Windows directory. You can type nsis into the start menu search box, or you can open the run box by pressing the Windows + R keys.

Network Software Installer

Using NSIS

You can install specific software and any number of printers. For printers, type the short name of the printer (ex: ITSS1) and click Select. For software, click the Select button next to the name of the software. After selecting items to install click Begin Installation.

After clicking Begin Installation there is a dropdown box that lets you have NSIS perform some action when the installation is done. You cannot cancel an installation after it has begun.