Confidential Document Shredding

How it works
Metro Record Storage and Shredding (Metro), our campus service provider, will empty confidential shredding bins on a scheduled monthly basis. The shredding will take place onsite with the drivers examining the level of paper within a bin. Unless directed otherwise, containers below 50% will not be shredded and thus, no charge incurred during that cycle.
If you currently have another service provider for confidential shredding, Metro will take the place of that provider. You will need to contact ITS Business Office to order your bin with Metro.

If shredding does occur, departments will be given a “service ticket” which is part of the documentation for any Certificate of Destruction.

Departments on service will have the ability to call Metro on an ad-hoc basis in order to address any increases in confidential shredding.

Monthly service dates and bin order locations will be scheduled by the CSUB Information Technology Business Office (661) 654-3425 or

Pricing for container pick-up and shredding

95 gallon $18/each
64 gallon $13/each
Console (32 gallon) $9/each

Who to contact for service:

ITS Business Office -

What you need to provide
The location where you would like your bin delivered
Department contact person’s name and phone number
Type of bin
Number of bins
Fund, Department for chargeback

Additional Services provided by Metro

Annual, bi-annual or quarterly purges of documents no longer requiring on-site housing. Each department will call Metro directly to request a quote.

Other items than can be shredded:
·  3 Ring Binders
·  8 Inch Data Tape
·  Computer Post Binders
·  CD's
·  Hard Drives

To obtain the above services, please contact Metro Shredding – Sabrina @ (661) 322-2929

If you have any questions that are not covered here, please contact the ITS Business Office at Ext. 34