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May 5, 2017 The Federal Bureau of Investigation, Cyber Division has developed a Public Service Announcement in relation to fraud schemes (bank accounts, education tax, and phishing emails) targeting Universities and their students. Please view the announcement for scam information and tips to protect yourself from these scams.

Educause 2017 and what IT is doing for student success: Please enjoy an article from Educause: The 2017 Top 10 IT Issues and the feature article: Foundations for Student Success.

Welcome to the CSUB Information Security Website!

Anyone who follows the news is all too aware of how common the theft of personal information has become. As an institution, CSUB needs to use personal information of faculty, staff, students, and various other campus members in several of its business practices, i.e. payroll, financial aid, registration, donors, alumni etc. It is the responsibility of every CSUB and Auxiliary employee, as well as our vendors and contractors, to understand the University's Information Security Policy, programs and plans, and to assist in safeguarding personal and confidential information.

There are various agencies and regulations that govern information security, such as Federal and State laws that address the responsibility custodians have of personal and confidential information, and safeguarding this information. The Campus Information Security Policy lists agencies and regulations governing campus use of personal data.

In order to comply with the various laws and regulations, the campus must have both policies and practices in place that assure personal data is not compromised. Information Security is not just about preventing campus servers from being "hacked" by outsiders. Information Security is a holistic process that begins with all employees and campus members including vendors and contractors, to have an understanding of their roles and responsibilities in safeguarding campus data. Information Security includes people, processes, and technology.

Information Security

Office of Information Security

Faust Gorham
Associate Vice President &
Chief Information Officer
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Office:  ITV 2F

Sue Rivera
Lead, Information Security Analyst
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Office:  ITV 2C