Currently, the following ten (10) projects are in progress within the ITS department

Project Title (& Charter)PriorityCategorySponsoring OfficerSponsoring DepartmentAudiencePlanned Start DatePlanned End Date
Simplification of the Campus authentication environment Low Operational Faust Gorham ITS Campus  4-Sep-17 29-Dec-17
Zone Firewall Upgrade Project High Audit Faust Gorham BAS Infrastructure 1-Oct-16 28-Feb-18
ITSM Tool Implementation for ITS High Operational Faust Gorham ITS Department  21-Nov-17 15-Mar-18
Implementation of Questica Budget Software High Compliance Faust Gorham Budget Office Campus  1-Jul-16 1-Jul-18
Phase 2 Plus: ECM Convert to one document management system High Strategic Faust Gorham Enrollment Mgmt Employees 1-May-17 16-Jul-18
Implement campus Data Loss Prevention program for data security practices and compliance Low Compliance Faust Gorham ITS Campus 20-May-18 20-Aug-18
University Advancement Onboarding and Digitization of Physical Files High Strategic Victor Martin University Advancement Division 1-Jan-18 31-Aug-18
Web Content Management System (WCMS) 2.0 Low Strategic Faust Gorham ITS Campus 24-May-18 31-Aug-18
Implementation of Concur Medium Audit Faust Gorham University Controller Campus  1-Jan-17 1-Sep-18
Anytime, Anywhere File Access with Medium Strategic Faust Gorham ITS Campus  7-May-18 31-Dec-18