Maintenance Windows

The following systems are included in the regular maintenance schedule:

  • Campus Web Server
  • Campus LMS (Blackboard Learn 9.1)
  • Campus Streaming Server
  • WCMS (Hannon Hill Cascade Server)
  • Web Accessibility Server (HiSoft Compliance Sheriff)

Maintenance Window:  Every Sunday from 12:01AM to 6:00AM.

During this time, all services on systems mentioned above will be unavailable.  Scheduled downtime isn't expected to take the entire time block, instead, that time block is reserved should maintenance require it.  Furthermore, this does not mean that every Sunday the systems are brought down, rather the time is reserved should maintenance need to occur.

Blackboard Users:  Please do not schedule any course activities (test, assignments, etc.) that fall within the maintenance window.

Please contact the HelpDesk at 661-654-2307 or to inquire or report any service disruption you experience.