Information Technology (IT) infrastructure functionality is the foundation for all other IT services and capabilities. Without the data network and associated infrastructure few other IT resources would work or be available.

Network Services is responsible for a number of the critical components of the campus IT Infrastructure, including network electronics, wired and wireless, and the corresponding fundamental provisioning services that are required to make the network work.

Network Services is also responsible for creating and managing Identity Management Services, which includes provisioning of login IDs and their permissions for logging in to all campus IT services as well as an increasing number of off-campus IT resources such as PeopleSoft.

Network Services is also responsible for managing a number of security provisions for the University, including firewalls, SPAM blockers, virus protection, data encryption, network segmentation, and other efforts in information security.

The Network Service group includes 4 staff positions: Mike Fleming, Joe Nailor, Ron Watts, and Russell Jackson. Network Services can be reached at 654-2115.