Visa Information

General Information for New Students

We strongly encourage you to read the following information careful and start to prepare for your journey. 

Applying for Visa

If the university accepts you, you will be sent an I-20 form. The I-20 verifies your eligibility for an F-1 Student Visa. To obtain your F-1 Visa you must take your campus-issued I-20 to an American Consulate or Embassy in your country to apply for the student visa. We strongly advise you to start your visa process as soon as you receive your I-20. All embassies and consulates require interview appointments to issue a student visa. Interviews for a visa may take a long time to schedule. Plan ahead. Bring all important documents with you to the interview. Check with the U.S. consulate for what is required for the interview. You cannot make your travel arrangements until you have been issued your visa so the earlier you handle this task the better. 

Upon Arrival

Upon arrival in the U. S. you will be asked to present the I-20, and your passport to the immigration official at the port of entry. The official will validate and stamp the I-20, stamp and issue your I-94 (a small white card) and return all to you. If this was not done when you entered the U.S., please inform the Office of International Students & Programs immediately. 

Transferring Students

If you are transferring to CSUB from another U.S. school, we will not issue you a new I-20 till the date we are noticed that you are transferred in SEVIS (Student & Exchange Visitor Information System) to CSUB. You need to request that the international student advisor at your current school release your SEVIS record to the campus where you have been admitted. Please complete the “F-1 Eligibility Transfer Form”.  Please be sure that your “Release Date” is BEFORE the start of the date at CSUB. Your new I-20, endorsed for pending transfer, is created as soon as the release date for your SEVIS record is reached. Once your new campus has confirmed your registration, the transfer process is complete. You may come to pick up a new I-20 after your registration for classes. If you need your new CSUB I-20 form sooner, please speak with the International Student Advisor at your current U.S. school about giving you an earlier SEVIS release date. 

Additional Information

Contact Information

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