Dear New International Student,

Congratulations on your admission to CSUB! Please read the important information outlined below for new students enrolling at CSUB. Please make sure to read and understand the information very carefully. 


You will be notified via email about the date and time of your mandatory International Orientation. Do not register for the general campus wide orientation. You need to attend the International Orientation that is administered by the Office of International Students and Programs. The International Orientation is held separately from the general campus wide orientation.

Students required to take the Placement Tests:

Every incoming first time freshmen has to take the English Placement Test (EPT) and Entry Level Mathematics (ELM), before the beginning of the quarter.
To register, please visit:
You have to take the Placement Test at the first available day after arrival.It is important for all students, not just International, to make sure that they attend proper level English and Math classes. We strongly encourage you to visit:  for more information.

How to register in the classes and who is my Academic Advisor?

Most of you come to CSU, Bakersfield as a first time freshmen or lower division transfer student. Based on your entrance exams, you may be required to take certain remediation classes during the first academic year. Understanding, that it would be difficult to secure 12 units (full time enrollment) just before the beginning of the quarter, our academic advisors will help to define courses required by your respective programs. Upper division and transfer students are requested to contact their faculty or academic advisors directly.
To find out who is your academic advisor, review information below:


• Natural Sciences & Mathematics majors: need to check their mycsub account for their advisor name. If you have a problem with identifying your advisor, please, contact Mrs. Dodie Hyatt at:
• Business Administration majors: please contact Ms. Belen Ocampo or Cindy Zuniga at your first convenience. 

• School of Arts and Humanities: please contact Ms. Melanie Butler 

• School of Social Sciences and Education: please contact Ms. Yvette Morones 

Those of you that remain with undeclared majors, please call (661) 654-2700. 

MyCSUB account:

You can check your enrollment status, make payments, review holds as well as register into classes in the future by your own, using “MyCSUB” account. To find your Net ID at the first log-in you will need your CSUB ID number, given after your application was submitted.Your password should be a combination of year of birth and last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN), BUT as international student, you do not have a SSN, so please, use “XXXX” as the last four digits of the SSN number.Your password after all should look like this: “19XXXXXX”.
For further instructions and information click here

Health Insurance:

F-1 visa students are subject to minimum health insurance requirements established by the California State University Chancellor's Office. An insurance policy that exceeds these requirements is available for purchase from the Office of International Students & Programs (ISP) or online at Dental and Vision insurance are optional. Due to the high cost of medical care in the U.S., all international students MUST have adequate medical insurance in case of an emergency.
All F-1 students are required to obtain health insurance that meets CSUB’s requirements BEFORE REGISTERING FOR CLASSES!  F-1 visa international students cannot register for their classes until they either purchase the CSU-sponsored university health insurance policy or secure certification that their alternate insurance plan meets those requirements.   We strongly recommend that this be done well in advance of your registration deadline date.  You may purchase the international student health insurance policy recommended by CSUB on line at:  If you have any questions about the health and medical insurance requirement for international students, or wish to waive the insurance requirement by purchasing different insurance, please contact ISP.  


California State law requires that all university students be immunized against measles, mumps and rubella BEFORE registering in classes for their first semester at CSUB!  Students 18 years of age or younger are also required to be immunized against Hepatitis B.  Please submit a copy of your immunization records or a completed copy of the “Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Hepatitis B Certification Form’ to the health Center before your registration.
For more information:

Academic Calendar:

To check the tuition and fees due dates, registration, or drop the class dates for the academic year 2013 /2014 please visit:

Please note that all CSU listed tuition and fees should be regarded as estimates that are subject to change upon approval by the Board of Trustees.