Crossing Borders, Making Connections: The Humanities and Ethnic Studies

      CSUB’s NEH-funded project “Crossing Borders, Making Connections: The Humanities and Ethnic Studies” brings together faculty from six different disciplines in the humanities and three disciplines in the social sciences to develop interdisciplinary expertise in Ethnic Studies and its offerings at CSUB, and to heighten awareness of ethnic diversity in California’s central valley.
      The grant has two distinct phases: During the first phase, faculty participants will meet regularly and will take turns leading seminar discussions of selected readings that address ethnicity from various perspectives.  Faculty members will learn together about differing approaches and facets of ethnic studies and will work together to outline essential aspects of a newly approved general education course, “Ethnicity and Culture,” that will serve as a foundational course for the Interdisciplinary BA in Ethnic Studies.  The goal is for the class to engage and enrich student learning through various approaches and dialogues of ethnic studies. 
NEH Recipients Awards

        During the second phase of the grant, attention will be turned outward toward the community in a number of programs and initiatives that involve community stakeholders and engage central valley residents in conversations to promote the common good.  CSUB is the only four-year public university within 100 miles and plays a critical role in supporting the region. Marquee events in this second phase will include a “Diversity in the Valley” panel/symposium, a community tamalada, and a “Basques in California” exhibit/symposium. The combination of learning and sharing in the second phase of the grant will enable faculty and students to more deeply engage ethnic minorities in Kern County.  Ideally, the community engagement in the second phase of the grant will help develop lasting partnerships that can be utilized within the Interdisciplinary BA curriculum as mutually beneficial internship and applied experience opportunities for students and community stakeholders.