Program Description

MA in Interdisciplinary Studies

The Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies provides an opportunity for students who wish to pursue special interests or educational goals that are not met by existing graduate programs. For this student, the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies offers the opportunity to create a unique master’s degree program that is not otherwise available among the current graduate programs at CSUB.

This individualized master’s degree program requires a minimum of 30 semester units, although some individual programs of study may require additional units. At least 20 semester units must be earned by taking graduate courses (courses numbered 5000 or 6000). The individualized graduate Plan of Study is expected to be academically challenging involving two or more disciplines that relate to an identified coherent theme. The Plan of Study should lead the student beyond cursory knowledge of disciplines to a substantive inquiry that connects and synthesizes various perspectives, theories, and/or skills.

This interdisciplinary degree program is suitable only for students who are self-motivated and independent, who are able to clearly delineate the objective(s) of their studies, and who have a professional and/or academic background which will allow advanced study in the disciplines combined in the proposed program.

This interdisciplinary studies degree program can be structured to suit specific professional/career needs and be tailored to meet idiosyncratic academic objectives. While it is not possible to predict the employment opportunities for graduates of such a program, the MA in Interdisciplinary Studies provides a vehicle for meeting the needs of students with unusual, creative, and interdisciplinary academic and/or professional goals. Use of the MA in Interdisciplinary Studies for purposes of professional accreditation/licensure should be validated with the appropriate agency to ensure that the program meets the needed professional requirements.

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