Intensive English Language Center Mission and Goals

IELC Mission Statement

As a department within the Extended University Division, the mission of the Intensive English Language Center (IELC) is to provide English language instruction to non-native English speakers for academic, personal and/or professional purposes. Our comprehensive programs integrate quality ESL instruction in an active learning environment. IELC also assists international students with cultural and social adjustments.

IELC Program Goals

  • A student who successfully completes the IELC program has achieved Cognitive Academic Proficiency in listening, speaking, composition and reading
  • An IELC graduate will be competitive and functional at the university/college level.
  • Our program will supply quality academic advising to realistically and successfully facilitate students’ entrance into a university. 
  • A graduate will identify and establish cultural connections in the community.
  • A graduate will be able to recognize and practice appropriate cultural and social norms in an academic setting.

Extended University Mission and Vision

Extended University Mission Statement

The Extended University's mission is to open doors by providing self-supported, innovative opportunities and training programs to people with unmet educational needs. 

Extended University Vision

The Extended University will be a cohesive team of dedicated, skilled, and creative professionals. It will be a dynamic organization with ever-increasing capabilities achieved through staff development, strategic hires, teamwork improvements, and a growing network of partnerships to tap into the foremost expertise. It will be a nimble organization that quickly identifies unmet needs and responds with innovative solutions.

In meeting the diverse needs of numerous groups, the EUD will develop a comprehensive portfolio of programs and a well deserved reputation as the premier provider of high quality academic opportunities and training programs.

The Extended University will be viewed on campus as a strategic asset that is central to the university’s mission. This reputation will be earned by advancing the university’s presence in it’s communities and by creating mutually beneficial partnerships with campus departments. The communities served by the Extended University will view it as a major contributor to personal and regional development. This reputation will result from effective, customer-driven programs that noticeably expand the futures of it’s customers - by building bridges to degree programs and by building real skills that make a real difference.