Student Conduct

Student Conduct

It is our expectation that individuals accept ownership of and take responsibility for resolving conflicts and problems in the community.

Code of Student Conduct

As residents of California State University, Bakersfield Housing you are responsible for abiding by all Residence Life Policies (RLP) as well as the Student Conduct Code as described in the CSUB Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs. These policies are designed to benefit individual students as well as the entire residential community. Failure to abide by Residence Life and/or University Policies may result in disciplinary action, revocation of your Housing License Agreement, or Criminal and/or civil actions. To view all of CSUB Student Housing policies visit the Student Housing Policy & Contract Home page.

Student Judicial Rights

  • The right to receive timely notification of the section(s) of the policy allegedly violated and the date, time, and place of any conference or hearing on the alleged violation.
  • The right to challenge the objectivity or fairness of any of the persons serving as a conduct officer.
  • The right to consult an advisor before, during and after any conference or hearing.
  • The right to review a copy of each document pertinent to the alleged violation.
  • The right to introduce documents, to call witnesses, and present other evidence.  The right to call witnesses is accompanied by the obligation to provide the name of each witness, in writing, two business days in advance of a conference or hearing to the conduct officer.
  • The right to be present at any hearing or conference on the alleged violation and to make or refrain from making statements.
  • The right to receive timely notification of any decision made.
  • The right to appeal the decision of a hearing or conference in accordance with procedures.
  • The right to review the record of any hearing in accordance with all state laws and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The right to request postponement of a hearing for good cause shown. In most cases, a postponement will only be granted due to an academically related commitment.  The decision to postpone a conduct conference rests with the hearing officer.

Judicial Flow Chart

The Office of Student Housing and Residence Life has a flow chart that outlines the student judicial process. This flow chart takes student residents through the entire judicial process from the writing of the incident report to receiving the outcome letter by the hearing officer. To view the Student Housing and Residence Life Judicial Protocol Flow Chart click here. Students will also have an opportunity to view this chart during their initial conference or hearing.

The Purpose of the Student Conduct Process

CSUB has both the right and an obligation to set reasonable standards of conduct for students who voluntarily choose to become members of the university community. The university assumes a right, and accepts the responsibility to establish a system of judicial and disciplinary procedures for use when community members violate university policy. In turn, the university recognizes the need to ensure that community members have the right to fair and equitable procedures when charged with a violation of university policy.

How We Differ from the Legal Court System

Criminal courts most often seek to punish or deter unlawful behavior. Judicial meetings at CSUB Housing intend to be educational and impress responsibility upon individuals or, in the most severe cases, remove those who should not remain in the community.

Judicial Hearing Staff

Our Judicial Staff is made up of Student Housing professional staff & graduate students. Judicial Staff are responsible for the administration of the residential judicial processes at CSUB.