Residence Life at CSUB is committed to providing a safe living environment for all residents. Please review the following tips to help ensure your safety as well as the community's safety.

Safety Tips

Within the Residence Halls:

  • Always lock your door; even when you're sleeping or just going down the hall.
  • Do not allow strangers to enter your room or your complex. Do not open your door unless you can identify the person seeking entry.
  • Do not prop any exterior doors open to allow unescorted visitors into the residence hall (pizza delivery, friends, etc.).
  • Report lost or stolen residence hall keys/IDs immediately to your residence life staff.
  • Report any malfunctioning locks, doors or windows to your residence life staff.
  • Do not leave your keys lying around in your room when you are not in the room.
  • Do not leave messages on your door about when you will be returning to your room.
  • Tell a roommate or friend if you are planning to be away overnight or for a few days.
  • Report any suspicious persons or activities (including solicitors) in or near your residence hall to your residence hall staff and University Police.
  • Always lock your doors and windows at night, especially if you reside on the first or second floors.
  • Do not leave your identification, keys, wallets, checkbooks, or other valuables in open view.
  • Get to know your RA/CA, residence life staff and neighbors.

Around Campus:

Crime Reporting

The entire campus community is strongly encouraged to report any and all known or suspected incidents of criminal activity on campus to the University Police Department as soon as possible.

By Telephone Contact:

  • Emergency: (661) 654-2111
  • Non-emergency CSUB, University Police: (661) 654-2677
  • Anonymous tip line: (661) 654-4636

The CSUB police tip line is a recorded message that allows anyone to leave tips concerns crimes or other concerns for campus safety.

Safety resources available to residents:

On Call Housing and Residence Life Staff Member - Monday through Friday from 5PM-8AM, Saturday/Sunday and when the campus is closed (holidays, semester breaks) we have student staff and pro staff on call within the Residence Halls. The Community Assistant on duty serving Student Housing West can be reached at (661) 847-8651. The Resident Assistant on duty serving Student Housing East can be reached at (661) 321-6290. The RAs and CAs on duty will walk the communities, visit with residents, look for security and maintenance concerns, and address policy violations. The rest of the time, they will be available in and around the buildings.

A Professional staff member is also on duty each night to assist with both personal and facility emergencies as well as with disciplinary situations. The Professional on duty will be contacted by the RA or CA as the need arises. They are trained to handle counseling, disciplinary, and crisis situations. Someone is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

Safety Escort Service - The University Police Department provides safety escort service to any location on campus. If for any reason you don't fell comfortable or safe walking during hours of darkness, or anytime, please call 654-2111 for a safety escort. A police officer or community service officer will respond and walk with you to your destination.

First Aid - When the Campus Health Center is closed (weekends, or after regular working hours during the week) assistance with emergency medical problems can be obtained through the University Police Department. Officers are trained in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Requests for medical and ambulance services may always be obtained through the Police Department. 

Vehicle Problems - The University Police Department an assist you in locating emergency repair services, or jump starting your car.

Emergency Blue Light Call Stations - A 24-hour, button activated, emergency telephone system will put you in contact with emergency personnel for any emergency need. There are over 47 call stations located throughout the CSUB campus, including within residential housing.

Additional Resources:

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