How To Get Involved In Your Community

Here at CSUB Student Housing we encourage our residents to take full advantage of everything that CSUB and the community has to offer. We encourage our residents to take advantage of the volunteer and employment options in student housing as well as all around campus. To obtain more information about volunteer opportunities and jobs available for you within your community please visit the Center for Career Education & Community Engagement website or simply login to your Handshake account.

Get Involved In Your Community

At CSUB Student Housing we present our students with numerous opportunities to obtain meaningful job experience as they build their resume through our student jobs. Student Housing has multiple job opportunities ranging from Office Assistants, Custodial Assistants to Residential Assistant and RHA positions. To view all the job opportunities offered by our department please visit our employment web page.

Students at CSUB also have the opportunity to get involved in their community through myriad different clubs and organizations. Students who become involved in campus clubs and organizations gain valuable life skills. The Office of Student Involvement support student organization officers and help them become effective leaders within the campus community. If you are interested in becoming a part of your community through this venue or are inquiring more information please visit the Office of Student Involvement website.

Our department also encourages our students to look for internship and volunteer opportunities within the community in order to meet new people, develop their knowledge and skills and make a positive impact. Kern County has a myriad opportunities all throughout their different departments for anyone who is interested in getting involved in public services. Through Kern County's official website students are invited to explore and apply for any of their available positions. To view and apply please visit