Room's Day (Room Change Request Day)

Residents who are interested in a room change are encouraged to review this information prior to submitting their room change request form. Questions regarding the room change process should be directed to our office.



Monday, October 1

Room change requests form available online, and at main housing office

Monday, October 8

Room change request forms are due by 12 noon

Wednesday, October 10

Room change notifications e-mailed to students.

Friday, October 12  – Monday, October 15

Residents with approved room changes relocate from 3PM on October 12th to 10 AM on October 15th.

*Temporary key cards for new assignment will be available Friday, October 12th  from 3pm-7pm and Saturday, October 13th from 11am-2:00pm at the Student Housing Community Center front desk


How to apply for a room change

  1. Obtain a form from our office, or online
  2. Fill out the form completely
  3. Return to our office or submit online by the deadline communicated

Open All/Close All

I have a vacancy in my room. Will I receive a random roommate or be charged for a single?

Students with a vacancy may receive a roommate at any time during the change process. Students who are assigned a new roommate will be notified later than 24 hours prior to the student moving in to the room.

We will not force students into single rooms or charge for a vacancy within a room. Our office, however, may assign a new roommate anytime, including after the room change period.

What if I have a friend whom I want to room with me?

The student who is moving will need to complete the room change application and indicate the specific room they are requesting to move into.

If I switch to a room with a different cost, how will my billing be affected?

Your billing will be prorated to reflect the cost difference for each room. This will cause either an increase or decrease in housing costs.

Example: if you moved from a triple to a double, you will be charged for the number of days you were in the double and your cost will be adjusted to reflect the remainder of the semester in a single.

Who is responsible for my move?

Residents, who are approved for a room change, are responsible for moving all of their belongings to their new housing assignment during the designated date and time specified on their approval notice. The Student Housing & Residence Life office is able to provide moving carts.

When will charges be applied if I am moving to a different room type?

Residents who are approved for a room change will have their new housing charges and meal plan charges (if applicable) reflected on their student account five business days after they relocate. Residents will be charged a prorated amount for the time they resided in their old housing assignment in addition to a prorated amount for the time they will reside in their new housing assignment. Room and board costs are posted on our website.

Can I request a single room?

Yes. You may request a single room.  However, single rooms are very limited and are often full for the entire academic year. We can only offer single rooms on a first come first served basis as space is available. The majority of students requesting singles will not be offered a signle space.

Can I request to move to Student Housing West

Yes, you may request to move to Student Housing West if you meet all of the eligibility requirements and if there is available room.

If I do not currently have any roommates, can I keep my room as a single?

If you are in a double with a vacancy, you cannot opt to keep your room as a single. If you have a specific accommodation need for a single room, please reach out to our office.