Student Housing Peer Financial Advisor

The goal of the program is to increase financial literacy and financial independence among CSUB’s Housing residents. The Peer Financial Advising program is composed of student peer financial advisors (PFAs) who will advise students on a one-on-one basis, as well as conduct group sessions for students. It is hoped that the students will learn from these sessions, as well as from personal stories that PFAs might wish to share.

CSU Bakersfield: Housing Payment Plan

All residents have the option to apply for a Housing payment plan agreement with the Office of Student Housing and Residence Life.

How do I apply?

In order to apply for a Housing payment plan, you must set up a meeting in-person or over the phone with one of Housing’s Peer Financial Advisors. During your meeting, a PFA will go over your individualized cost worksheet and task list with you. This important document contains information necessary to determine your estimated out-of-pocket expenses. You will then take your cost worksheet task list to the Financial Aid office to finalize any To Do tasks on your account for those programs for which you may be eligible.  You will have 3 business days to return the completed task list.

Note that a Payment Plan will only be approved after the task list has been completed by you and the Financial Aid office to address your out-of-pocket Housing expenses. Please notify a PFA once your task list has been completed.

You will have a financial hold placed on your account due to your past due balance, which will prevent you from registering for upcoming semesters, until your balance is paid in full. Failure to pay on agreed-upon due dates may result in you losing your Housing.

To start the application process, please click this link to EMAIL HOUSING PFA to schedule a phone or in-person session with a PFA.

Useful Information on Financial Aid Disbursement

After your financial aid has disbursed, your remaining balance on your myCSUB account is what you will owe. Please be aware that your educational fees are always paid first, which may leave an out-of-pocket expense remaining for Housing. This amount will be split into equal payments that will be due throughout the semester, depending on when you apply for a payment plan. (For example only, if your out-of-pocket expenses amount to $800 for the semester in January, you will owe $200 on February 1, $200 on March 1, $200 on April 1, and $200 on May 1.)

Peer Financial Advisor (PFA) Contact Info:
Phone: (661) 654-6724