Money Matters FAQ

This Money Matters FAQ page is all about housing and university fees. If you have question on whether or not your scholarship or financial aid will cover your housing fees, click on the links below to find out. If you have other question you would like answer, please contact the Student Housing office at (661) 654-3014 or email us at



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Does it cost to apply for Housing?

A: Yes, you will need to pay a $50 non-refundable application fee.

You will need to pay the $300 Down Payment to reserve your room space.
You will not be able to reserve your room space until you pay the $300 down payment.

Will my Financial Aid pay for my housing application fees?

A: Financial Aid does not get disbursed until close to the start of the school year. It is better to pay the application fee and down payment out-of-pocket in order to reserve your space in housing and to get your name on the Wait List if there is a Wait List.

If you are on an athletic scholarship or if you know that another CSUB department will be covering your Housing application fees and Down Payment, please contact that Department and ask that they send the Housing office a written notification that they will be covering your fees.

Will my Financial Aid pay for my housing fees?

A: It depends on how much aid you will be receiving. Check with your financial aid advisor and see if your financial aid will cover your semester fees. Note that Financial Aid will pay your tuition and other university fees first before it pays for your housing fees. If there is a balance in housing after your aid has paid out, you are responsible for paying the remaining balance.

When are my housing fees due?

Academic Year 2018-2019 Housing fee due dates:

  • Fall: September 1
  • Spring: February 1

Does Housing offer a payment plan?

For more information on payment plan, go to the Peer Financial Advisor page by clicking here.

Is parking included in the housing fees?

A: No, parking permits are not included in the housing fees. Please go to the Cashier's Office homepage for more information on purchasing your parking pass and refer to the “How do I purchase a Parking permit online?” section for further instructions on purchasing a parking permit.

Where do I pay for my housing fees?

A: To pay your housing fees, you may take cash, check, cashier’s check, or a money order to the Cashier’s office located on campus. You may also pay for them online by credit card through your myCSUB portal. If paying by credit card online, there is a service fee associated.

What do my housing fees pay for?

A: Your housing fees pay for rent and a meal plan for the quarter plus WiFi, utilities,  basic cable, light housing-keeping, and semi-furnished unit.

Why should I live on campus instead of off campus?

After checking out the housing fees, you probably think that on-campus costs more than living off campus.  Check out the comparison chart below that we have compiled based on the information we received from the apartments in the Greater Bakersfield area.

On-Campus vs. Off-Campus housing comparision chart

Here are some of the benefits of living on campus:

  • No commute
  • Semi-furnished unit
  • Easy access to campus facilities
  • Faculty involvement; Living Learning Communities are available
  • Community activities and programs
  • Department of Public Safety patrols area
  • Free wireless internet and basic cable TV provided
  • Utilities are included
  • Your license agreement is for your bed space only. There are no joint license agreements and you are not responsible for your roommates expenses (with the exception of damage billing).
  • Rent is billed on your university student account
  • If you receive a sufficient amount of Financial Aid, your package could be utilized to pay all of your housing fees directly.
  • 24 Hour access to support and community services through the Office of Residence Life
  • It's a really fun and safe place to live!
* Please note that we are not affiliated with any of the apartments off campus.

Do I have to have a Meal Plan?

A: Yes, all residents are required to have a meal plan.

Can I change my Meal Plan?

A:There is only one meal plan available for residents living at SHE and SHW respectively. The Campus dining, Aramark, offers two (2) meal plans exclusively to residents (SHE residents - 224 Blocks and SHW residents 112 Blocks): Meal Plans

If you have question regarding your meal plan, call Aramark at (661) 654-6459.

Do I have to pick a meal plan each semester?

A: No, you do not need to pick a new meal plan each semester. You will have the same meal plan from last semester unless you moved from one housing community to the other.