Our Mission

The California State University, Bakersfield Office of Student Housing and Residence Life is committed to the academic success of its students as well as their intellectual and personal development. This is accomplished by providing a safe, clean, and community centered environment where students can live and learn. Our core priorities are academics, individual growth and development, and housing program expansion.

Our Vision

The California State University, Bakersfield Office of Student Housing and Residence will create a cutting edge housing program that creates a holistic, student centered housing experience, in which students have access to faculty, engaging and social activities, and are able to access support easily and often. The aged facilities are kept clean and provide a back drop for students to be creative and put their mark on their environment in positive and affirming ways. Technology is used effectively and often to enhance the experience of student life.


  • Achieve excellence in all that we do.
  • Address students as unique individuals with multidimensional needs and unlimited potential for personal development.
  • Promote integrity, accountability, responsibility, respect and collaboration.
  • Promote the connectedness between curricular and co-curricular learning.
  • Embrace, celebrate, and educate issues related to diversity.
  • Develop communities that embrace civic responsibility, life-long learning, and healthy lifestyles.

Learning Objectives

  • Residents will meet others and learn how to form positive and lasting friendships.
  • Residents will learn how to positively work through conflict and community issues that arise.
  • Residents will learn how to advocate for their needs in relation to getting damage repaired, working through roommate challenges, and navigating the university.
  • Residents will find activities and programs to participate in that connect them with the university and provide support for their personal needs.