On Behalf of the Office of Student Housing and Residence Life, it is my privilege to welcome you to our web site. The information contained on this site is designed to acquaint you with the process for living in one of the residential communities at CSUB, as well as to book meeting rooms, conferences, and guest housing spaces. Our goal is to support the academic mission of the university and create a welcoming experience for the Bakersfield community to engage in and enhance the overall student life experience.

When students move into housing, they quickly realize that their residence is more than just a place to eat and sleep. There are plenty of opportunities and activities available for residents to be socially, academically, culturally and recreationally supported and engaged.  Living in housing is the quickest way for residents to meet people and get access to the university in ways that will enrich their college experience. Our alumni regularly come back and tell us the story of housing being the place that they met their best, lifelong friend or the partner that they chose to marry!

Our communities are composed of people from diverse backgrounds. The opportunity to meet people that you otherwise may not have met challenges a person to figure out ways to help us all learn to thrive. Residents become motivated to find ways to help us live together productively, stressing our common life experiences rather than our differences.  This environment gives students a safe space to learn, grow, and decide who and what they want to be. Our goal in student housing is to create as many opportunities for engagement as possible, and to guide students through any difficulties they might experience. Fostering an understanding of and respect for the rights and interests of others helps to achieve this goal.

The staff of Student Housing and Residence Life is committed to providing an environment that is supportive of and responsive to the educational needs of our resident student body.


Crystal Becks