5 reasons why Student Housing at CSUB is the best option for you

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Academic Success

Studies have shown that students who live on campus do better academically. They have higher GPA’s and are more likely to graduate. Also, for the studious types, living on campus means more dedicated time to your studies.

No Commute

Sleep more, drive less. Living on campus means avoiding the hassle of sitting in traffic and looking for parking and wondering if you will make it to class on time. Also, living on campus means, you can either walk or bike to class.

All Inclusive

One bill covers it all: housing contract, room, cable television, wireless internet, utilities, fully furnished room, food/meal plan, swimming pool, and Student Recreational Center. Students are charged quarterly.  If you qualify for Financial Aid, part or all of your Housing costs could be covered.  Please check with your Financial Aid Advisor and compare your award amount with the total cost of attendance + the fees for the room type you have selected.

Centrally Located

The resident halls is within walking distance from the Student Recreational Center (SRC) that is filled with top of the line exercise equipment. You can workout by yourself or with a friend. Or you can join group workout classes such as Self Defense, Zumba, Burn Out, or Circuit Blast.

Also, the resident halls are within a ten-minute walk or less to the nearest shopping centers such as The Marketplace and the Town and Country.

Student Life

Having all the campus resources and everything within walking distance means wasting no time commuting, looking for parking, or cooking. Make the most of your college experience by living on campus. Go to class, take time to study, make friends, work on campus, join a club or start a club, work out at the new Student Recreational Center (SRC), go to a concert, become the ASI President and so much more. You can do it all! Let’s face it, when you live on campus, you are living the college-life.The choice is yours… Come live at CSUB!