Hello! At CSUB Housing, we understand that you may have questions for us and we want to assist you as much as possible. Below is a list of the Frequently Asked Questions that we hope will help answer some your questions.

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What is myCSUB?

MyCSUB is your online student account.  You will be given your myCSUB account login information by the Admissions and Records department with your admission letter. With myCSUB, you can register for class and access all kinds of information including your class schedule, grades, and account balance, etc.

I cannot log into my myCSUB account.

A: If you are having problems logging into your myCSUB account, it may be because you were recently admitted to the university. Give the system 2-4 days before you are added fully into the systerm.

If it has been a week since you have been admitted to the university and you are still unable to log into your myCSUB account, contact your Admission Evaluator.

Can you help me find my way around the campus?

Coming to campus for the first time can be overwhelming and confusing. Here is a map of the CSUB campus to help you find your way around, along with a link to the CSUB campus map site.

Student Housing and Residence Life

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Office: (661) 654-3014
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Email: csubhousing@gmail.com


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RAs are on duty Monday to Friday from 5PM - 8AM
Weekends from 5PM Friday to 8AM Monday

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