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Residential Halls


The CSUB Office of Student Housing and Residence Life opened its doors to the first group of residents in 1972 and is home to about 350 students during the regular school year. The residential halls consist of six (6) buildings named after places from the Lord of the Rings trilogy novels: Lorien, Entwood, Dobry, Rivendell, Numenor, and Rohan. The halls share the same floor plan. Each hall has a lounge where residents can hang out, watch TV, or study. Each hall offers 28 rooms in a variety of Single, Double, Super Double, Triple, and Super Triple set-ups. Trees are scattered around the residential halls and set in the middle northern part of the residential halls area is a pond with a flowing fountain that gives the area a sense of serenity.

The residential halls are located in the northwest corner of the campus along with the Office of Student Housing and Residential Life. The Office of Student Housing and Residential Life is located inside the University Grill - the residents' dining facility.

Student Housing and Residential Life

California State University, Bakersfield
9051 Stockdale Highway - 58COM
Bakersfield, CA 93311

Office: (661) 654-3014
Fax: (661) 654-2491


(661) 321-6290
RAs are on duty Monday to Friday from 5PM to 8AM
Weekends from 5PM Friday to 8AM Monday

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