Master of Arts in History


Pursuing a graduate degree in history should be enriching both personally and professionally, equipping the individual with a deeper understanding of the past as well as providing an appreciation of the complexities of the present. From a professional perspective it opens the door to a number of careers.

An M.A. degree in History is usually a requirement for teaching the subject at community colleges and it provides an excellent complement for teaching the history/social science framework at the high school level. Students completing the M.A. program will have developed critical, analytical, and writing skills that are of value in various fields. They will have received what is widely considered an excellent preparation for careers in public relations, journalism, law, politics, and the civil service. For those considering pursuing a Ph.D. in history, and eventually teaching at the university level, the M.A. program gives students a taste of what is involved and prepares them for doctoral work. Although the program does not require knowledge of a foreign language, students are strongly encouraged to develop a reading ability in a language other than English.

The MA program in History at CSUB offers two degree options: comprehensive examinations or a thesis.

This website, "Resources for History Graduate Students and Early Career Professionals," can be very useful to students considering or already in the M.A. program. 

If you have further questions about the M.A. program, feel free to email our Graduate Coordinator, Dr. Douglas Dodd.