Family PACT

In addition to the many free services available to you as a currently enrolled student at CSUB, you may also qualify for additional free services through the Family PACT program, at the CSUB Student Health Services.

If you qualify, Family PACT will provide you with birth control information, Pap smears, pregnancy testing, sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing and treatment, and contraceptives including condoms, spermicide, hormonal methods such as birth control pills, the Evra Patch, Nuvaring, and emergency contraception for free.

The Family PACT Program (Planning, Access, Care, Treatment) is a state funded program that provides clinical services as well as education, counseling and treatment for family planning and reproductive health at no cost to low-income residents filling a critical gap in health care. You are eligible if you live in California, are at risk of pregnancy or causing a pregnancy, have a gross family income at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty level, and have no other source of health care coverage for family planning services. You are also eligible if you want family planning services but need to keep those services confidential from your partner, spouse or parent. Family PACT is administered by the Department of Health Services, Office of Family Planning. 


Determining Family PACT Eligibility

To find out if you are eligible, complete a Family PACT Client Eligibility Certification (CEC) form. You can get a form at the CSUB Student Health Services front desk.


For More Information

To learn more about the Family PACT program at CSUB Student Health Services, call 661-654-2394.
Visit the Family PACT website.
To locate other Family PACT providers in your area, call (800) 942-1054.


Family PACT Privacy Notice

Individuals have the right to know how their protected health information may be used and disclosed, and what their privacy rights are.  The Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP) provides individuals with this information.

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