Patient Rights and Responsibilities

The staff of the CSUB Student Health Services is pleased to work with you to help improve your health and pursue your academic goals. We can work together most effectively if we know what to expect from each other. This is a summary of your rights and responsibilities as a user of our services.

Patient Rights

In Student Health Services you have a right:

  • to be treated with dignity and respect;
  • to be provided with courteous and considerate care;
  • to appropriate privacy;
  • to receive information about your current health, care, outcomes, recovery, ongoing health care needs, and future health status in terms that you understand;
  • to be informed about proposed care options including the risks and benefits, other care options, what could happen without care, and the outcome(s) of any medical care provided, including any outcomes that were not expected;
  • to be involved in all aspects of your care and to take part in decisions about your care;
  • to have access to a second medical opinion before making decisions;
  • to know who is treating you and to change providers if another provider is available;
  • to be informed of personal responsibilities involved in seeking medical treatment and maintaining health and well being thereafter;
  • Refuse any care, therapy, drug, or procedure against the medical advice of a doctor;
  • to have the right to confidential treatment of all communication and records relating to your care, except as required by law;
  • to be informed of charges not covered by the student health services fee in advance of the provision of the charged service;
  • to tell staff about your concerns or complaints regarding your care. This will not affect your future care;
  • to expect a timely response to your complaint or grievance from the SHS.

Patient Responsibilities

As a consumer of health care services, you can help yourself by being responsible in the following ways:

  • to provide accurate and complete information about current health care problems, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, over-the-counter products, allergies and other matters relating to your health;
  • to follow the prescribed plan;
  • to advise the clinician whether or not you think you can follow the prescribed treatment plan. You are responsible for your actions if you refuse care or do not follow care instructions;
  • to be an active participant in the decisions regarding your health;
  • to follow-up with the same clinician if possible;
  • to report any adverse change in your health immediately to your health care provider;
  • to conduct yourself in a respectful manner;
  • to pay for the health care services, not covered by the student health fee, at the time of service.

Being a good health care consumer does not mean being a silent partner.
When you have questions – ASK, When you have problems - SPEAK UP
When you like what happens - EXPRESS YOUR APPRECIATION

If you feel your rights have not been respected, or wish to file a complaint, compliment, or suggestion, you can:

  • Complete a How are we doing form/satisfaction survey and deposit in the locked comment box;
  • Contact the SHS Quality Improvement Chair at 661-654-3453 or at
  • Ask to speak to the Quality Improvement Chair or SHS Director in person.