About RADD

RADD (Recording Artists Against Drunk Driving) is the entertainment industry's Voice for Road Safety. The goal is to reduce deaths and injuries across all age groups by increasing road safety awareness and promoting sober driving.

Alcohol related crashes continue to be a leading killer of college-aged young adults. RADD has been the leader in developing designated driver and prevention programs to help combat this issue.

In 2009, RADD partnered with UCI Health Education to obtain a grant from the California Office of Traffic Saftey (OTS) to continue development of university-based designated driver initiatives.

CSUB joined RADD in 2014. Watch for the RADD car at our annual OkSOBERfest event during Alcohol Awareness Week, the third week in October!

College is RADD

For more information, visit the College is RADD website, and check back here for updates specific to our campus!